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19 March 2019, 21:21
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Author Topic: Idiotic features and complete shit ideas  (Read 8211 times)
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« on: 6 November 2009, 02:48 »

1. Why does this client /WHO channels randomly?
2. Why the FUCK do you have the "Show gender icon" 99.9% of clients DO NOT support this, theirfore it should not be something default in the client. Move this retarded shit to the 'addons' crap.
3. Appending age/sex to the end of real name field by default? What the fuck, a lot of servers ban this sort of shit because 1. It's bot-like, and 2. We're not fucking 14, the majority of people that use IRC are mature and have gotten past the whole A/S/L?! shit. Move this to 'addons' too.
4. From what I've seen it looks like you're trying to make this client into an IM client for 14 year olds. Get rid of all this useless shit.

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« Reply #1 on: 6 November 2009, 06:30 »

they are options and last time I checked even mirc has this stuff. if you do not like it dont use them, ranting about it makes absolutely no sense because they are OPTIONS.

oh and not to mention how many noob irc user that jumps on some random channel and ask every feminine name A/S/L. it might be different on the server you use but on mine I get all sorts.
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« Reply #2 on: 7 November 2009, 20:59 »

obvious troll is obvious

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« Reply #3 on: 7 November 2009, 20:59 »

Options - IRC - Channel - Advanced

"DO not send /Who Request" [on join] - check it Wink

"Keep away list updated by sending WHO requests - uncheck it Wink

And how old are you? 12 by your behavior.


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« Reply #4 on: 18 November 2009, 20:55 »

I agree with these features and support their existence. I see no need to go so strongly against them. You can disable them from settings if you wish, or use another client if you dislike KVIrc having them so much.
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