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19 March 2019, 21:38
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Author Topic: more control over where windows open  (Read 5483 times)
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« on: 25 May 2009, 05:32 »

Version: 3.4.2 "Shiny"

Right now, some windows open inside the main window, and some in modal dialog windows, and there's really no way to control which do what.

Here's what I suggest:

1. NO modal dialog windows.
None of the windows that now open in modal dialogs need to.  They do not interfere with the rest of the program, that is, the main program can continue to operate even if the user is not done with them.  Therefore, they should not be modal, they should not block the rest of the program.  Modal windows are in general a bad idea in user interfaces.  They block the user's workflow by forcing them to complete them before doing anything else, and the purpose of a good GUI should be to always allow the user to follow whatever workflow they want. 

Now actually KVIrc's dialog windows aren't truly modal because you can still use the rest of the client interface while they're open, but they don't have their own space on the taskbar, rather they sit in front of the main window blocking view, and you can't open more than one at once.  At least that's how they work in the windows version that I use please tell me if this is just a problem with the windows port.

2. Everything should open in an inner, docked window by default
Windows in the window list are just the easiest to use, so I think all tools and dialogs should open there by default.

3. Drag and Drop Rearranging in the window list
Drag between other windows to reorder, drag over other window to put under that window in tree.  Also drag and drop windows between main windows or drag out of main window to open in new main window.

4. Control over where a window opens by click type
For all menu items and toolbar buttons that open windows: Normal click to open in docked window.  Middle click to open in new main window. Also could drag and drop to window list or other main window.  Double click to replace current window.

5. The help index pane is really useless.
There's just not enough screen space to fit it and the rest of the GUI while expanding it to a reasonably readable width.  There should just be a Help (window) button.  At the very least, Help (window) should be available as a toolbar button not just as a menu item.

6. Close windows in the window list by middle clicking
Just as with most tabbed programs. A tab bar might also be a good feature just in case some people like tabs better.  Personally, I prefer the window tree but it's always better to give users more options.

7. Ability to lock certain windows, which would then be open at startup
There are certain windows, such as the file transfers window and configured users database, that I want to be always open and accessible on the window list.

Well that's a whole bunch of ideas so sorry for piling on so much but i think if at least some of them can be implemented kvirc would move from a great irc client with a good interface to a great irc client with a really great interface.
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« Reply #1 on: 17 July 2009, 18:40 »

Sorry for the delay of my anser, i just want you to know that some of your suggestions are taking place in the development of kvirc4 Smiley
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