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Author Topic: User actions in different contexts  (Read 6629 times)
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« on: 3 March 2009, 07:47 »

With the configuration the way it is, an "action" message, seen as 'Action (User Action)' in the theme preferences, is treated the same regardless of context.
On most other IRC clients, they're treated differently.

For instance: Someone does such an action-message in a channel, it doesn't flash/notify.
If someone does such an action-message (*Bob says hi.) in a query, it'll flash/notify.

KVIrc treats the different context the same, and so all action messages will flash, or none can. For most other messages, in Theme Preferences->Text->Message Colors, KVIrc offers the option of giving a different message level and color, whether it's in a query, channel, or notice, as well as a myriad of status messages.

Is there any way KVIrc could ammend this such that actions in query can be treated differently from those in a channel at least? On the default level, they're ignored, even though most people seem to prefer anything in a query to notify and have priority. Most other IRC clients have this as default, and don't offer the immense customization and flexibility of KVIrc.

I'd asked about this once a few years ago, but since a new revamped Qt4/KDE4 version is in development (and looks great), would it be possible to get such a minor but common feature added?
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