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11 December 2019, 12:14
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« on: 13 August 2019, 11:14 »

The above approach is also the one advocated by many barefoot runners. They will often recommend ditching shoes completely, and allowing the body time to work it’s way into the new style slowly. The idea is that by going barefoot, your feet and legs will tell Nike Air Max 1 Donne you when they have had enough on a given run, and you need to listen to your body and provide yourself with the Nike Roshe Run Mujer appropriate amount of rest needed for recovery. It’s a seemingly effective approach that several of my barefooting friends have used with good results, but full time barefooting is not an approach I have tried, so I’ll leave it at that for now.
I should add that the above approach doesn’t necessarily apply to just going minimalist or barefoot. Any time you change shoes you are likely exposing you body to a slightly different set of forces, and for this reason even this type of transition should be made slowly. Work a new shoe into your runs in moderation, and don’t use it for a 20 miler on your first time out (trust me, I’ve done it, and it wasn’t pretty).Another potentially effective approach to avoiding repetitive Nike Air Max 95 Hombre overuse injury is the one Lam discussed in the podcast mentioned above, and the one that I currently practice myself – rotating shoes. I’m lucky in that in writing Adidas Ultra Boost Damen this blog, I have access to a lot of shoes, and I rotate my footwear on an almost daily basis. My thinking is that each shoe will stress my body in a slightly different way given it’s structural makeup (things like heel height, cushioning thickness, etc.), and thus rotating shoes might help me to avoid developing repetitive overuse issues. I have no real way of knowing for sure that this happens, but my hunch is that by moving stress points around as I vary footwear, my legs and feet become stronger and more injury resistant all around. It seems to have worked for me so far, and I’ll outline a personal example below that seem to support this logic.Although I have not Nike Air Max 95 Femme suffered a serious injury since I became a higher mileage runner, I have had my share of more minor aches and pains (I doubt there is any way to truly avoid these). Often, I find that these occur when I stick with Adidas Campus Femme one particular shoe for an extended time, or build mileage up too quickly on a shoe that my body has not adapted to. In almost every case, I have found that by consciously choosing a shoe on subsequent runs that has a slightly different structural makeup, I can continue running and the pain goes away. In essence, what I think is happening is that I am resting the strained spot by using a shoe that concentrates stresses in a different area.As an example, this past summer I ran a lot more than I ever used to in the Vibram Fivefingers. As mentioned above, I had built my mileage up to a long run of 15 in the Vibram Bikilas Adidas Superstar Femme with no major issues. However, the long run mileage increase was rather quick, which had me paying acute attention to any feelings of discomfort. About a month and a half ago I wore my Vibram KSO’s for a hard 5 miler – the next day I felt some discomfort under my second metatarsal head on my right foot, and an ache Nike Air Max Classic BW Hombre in my heel on the left side, which immediately had me fearing plantar fasciitis. Both of these worried me greatly. My response was to follow the above logic and take some time off – not from running, but from the Vibrams. I wound up running my best long run of the year in Nike Free Run+’s just two days later (they have a bit more of a heel buildup and a lot more cushion), and after a week of running in the Nike’s and Saucony Kinvara the pain was gone. I didn’t lose out on any mileage in prep for my Fall marathons. I Nike Air Max 270 Mujer managed my first BQ in my first Fall marathon, to which I give leg strength gained from the Vibram running a lot of credit, and am now back to running in Vibrams without much issue (except sore calves once again – amazing how quickly they revert).Essentially, what I did in the above example was to listen to my body. Neither of the pains I felt were serious, but I wasn’t going to push it because I’m aware of what either of these pains could have become if I had continued to plow through with my Vibram runs (metatarsal Adidas Campus Womens stress fracture and plantar fasciitis). Not wanting to risk being sidelined for weeks or months, I made the choice to switch shoes, and it worked like a charm.

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