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30 November 2020, 04:52
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Author Topic: The gameplay of Evertale is a mix between Final Fantasy and Pokémon  (Read 1244 times)
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« on: 17 April 2019, 09:31 »

If you’re a fan of Pokémon or Final Fantasy then you should really go and grab Evertale, a brand new JRPG out right now in the App Store.You’ll explore the beautifully pixelated world of Erden, as you strive to save it from an ancient curse called Pandemonium.This dooms the world to chaos every century unless a group of Crestbearers – basically Pokémon trainers – save it. That’s where you come in.

Evertale is a fantasy role-playing game in which you have to capture monsters and train them to evolve them. The gameplay is a mix between Final Fantasy and Pokémon with turn-based fights and is structured as an open world with dungeons to explore in the company of improbable heroes to rid Erden's world of deadly Pandemonium, the plague of an ancient curse that lasts from millennia. The title offers an exciting single-player offline adventure and the ability to create a team and face players from around the world online in fast-paced real-time PvP battles.

The game is not just about collecting and training monsters as it has a strong, original, and immersive storyline to lead players through the game’s lore. Holding a maximum of 8 characters in a party, delimited by a cost system to balance battles, there’s bound to be near limitless team combinations that make every player’s team unique in accordance with one’s preference and play style. If you enjoy RPGs, more specifically Pokémon or other monster pet-themed games, either on your own or with others, then getting Evertale for its measly price is certainly worth it. Buy Evertale Soul Stone Accounts from Mmocs.com with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

The controls of Evertale are very straightforward too. Unlike many mobile games that use virtual joysticks, you simply have to tap on the screen to move your character around.The game offers you plenty of reasons to explore. You might run into unique monsters, discover treasure chests, or encounter an NPC that could give you a quest or maybe challenge you to a battle. Again, it’s very similar to Pokémon.The new thing about Evertale is that you’ll also have tons of weapons, accessories, and other equipment to equip to your party members and monsters. This brings us to a very important topic: the IAPs.

The world is made up of six different regions, each of which has different monsters to collect. You’ll also explore a wide variety of cities and dungeons.Along the way, you’ll meet a variety of heroes that will join you on your quest, complete with their own back stories.The entire single player experience is offline, so you can play it without a connection. However, you can jump online at any moment to participate in some PvP. Battles against other players take place in real time, and you can join guilds and compete in a variety of leagues. There are even online events to participate in.
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