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Author Topic: The most basic method of obtaining Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn  (Read 1192 times)
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« on: 1 April 2019, 04:59 »

If you think of resources in Far Cry New Dawn as if they were part of a tree, ethanol would be the trunk. It is the one thing that players must acquire if they hope to upgrade their situation in Prosperity, including gaining the ability to craft new and more powerful weapons. There are only a few ways to earn ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn, and we’ve compiled a list of those methods so you don’t miss out.

The most basic method of obtaining Ethanol is through liberating outposts. There are a total of 10 you can attack across the map, and liberating one will net you 100 the first time, then 200 the second time, and finally 300 the third time. That’s already a sizable chunk, but you can earn an extra 50 by liberating the outpost without being spotted or setting off an alarm. Finally, you can also choose to scavenge the outpost for more supplies, which will hand it back to the Highwaymen and let you retake it later (at a higher difficulty).

Otherwise, Supply Drops provide you with quick, light doses of Ethanol when discovered across the map but - for the most part - commandeering Ethanol trucks and taking them back to Prosperity or a liberated Outpost for 75 Ethanol just isn’t worth the time, especially as there’s a likelihood it’ll be blown up by Highwaymen along the way. You’ll be able to spend Ethanol to upgrade any of the different Facilities of your Homebase at Prosperity, but it’s worth investing the points into specific sectors to accelerate your Ethanol yields. Best and Cheapest Far Cry New Dawn Credits For Sale - Mmocs.com.

The final method to get Ethanol is to capture a Highwaymen tanker truck and deliver it to an Outpost. These trucks are often accompanied by Highwaymen vehicles, and will also rarely stop, making capturing them tricky. Ideally, take them on with a co-op partner or Gun-for-Hire; drive your vehicle up close and slightly ahead of the truck and let your companion shoot the driver. Once you have the truck, simply drive it back to any Outpost and you’ll receive 75 Ethanol as a reward.

Far Cry Credits can be used to purchase a multitude of different resources in Far Cry New Dawn. Unfortunately, this does not include Ethanol, so you’ll need to earn it the old fashioned way. The weapon stash is an important facility because higher rank weapons do more damage to enemies. On top of that, as players progress through Far Cry New Dawn’s story they will encounter enemies with higher ranks, which will require these weapons.
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