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25 November 2020, 09:19
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Author Topic: The Dark Zone in The Division 2 should not be taken lightly  (Read 1122 times)
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« on: 18 March 2019, 05:36 »

The Dark Zone in The Division 2 should not be taken lightly; you'll be up against elite enemies that control compounds as well as other players that are keen to get their hands on your contaminated loot. You'll also need to defend the chests that allow you to upgrade your weaponry, though you'll need to find the keys that will unlock them.

While The Division 2 will feature three distinct Dark Zones, the beta running this weekend features just one. Dark Zone East will unlock once you hit level five, meaning you’ll need to run a few story and side-missions before jumping in. However, once you’ve hit level five, a new icon will appear in the eastern part of the playable space. It isn’t as simple as climbing a fence or passing through a checkpoint like the previous game, though. Each Dark Zone has to be unlocked through a tutorial mission that acquaints you with the basics before the full zone, and all the other players running about in it, becomes fully available.

The Dark Zone changes between the first game and its sequel should make for a much better PvE experience all round. Within the realms of “most” of the Dark Zones, all weapons and gear will be normalised to make for a more even playing field. Surviving encounters won’t simply be down to the what you’re packing. All of your gear and weapon stats will be brought within a narrow range, making you utilise strategy to get the upper hand, as opposed to relying on your superior loadout. Buy Cheap The Division 2 Phoenix Credits on Mmocs.com with Cheap Price and Safe Payment.

Mitigate this issue by wiping them out first, and if you’re lucky, they will have been holding a Dark Zone key on their person, as well as whatever contaminated loot they’ve been scavenging during their adventures. Manhunts are a good option here - you can kill rogue players largely consequence free and there's more chance they'll have something on them from being evil.

Skill-based matchmaking will pair off combatants in PvP (and, relatedly, Sturtzel said the Dark Zone will try to shuttle solo players into worlds with more solo players than groups). PvP will be supported by its own progression track, Spier said, and will feature clans, which the Division community has been requesting for a long time. This will be supported by social tools like chat and direct messaging, as well as clan-specific leaderboards where members may compete against one another.

This is a very standard mission for The Division as it tasks you with simple exploration of the Dark Zone and tagging resources while also activating security. The enemies aren’t too tricky, but always check your back. Once you’ve followed all of the steps, the Dark Zone will be yours to explore, which you can do either by fast travelling there or through matchmaking.
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