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Author Topic: $str.grep  (Read 7028 times)
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« on: 7 October 2008, 13:20 »

по умолчанию $str.grep нечувствителен к регистру, а как правильно выставить регекспы что бы был чувствителен?
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« Reply #1 on: 7 October 2008, 13:51 »

Emulates the GNU Regular Expression Parser
Returns an array with the elements of <strings> which match the string <match>. <flags> can be any combination of the characters 's','w' and 'r'.
If the flag 'w' is specified then <match> is assumed to be a wildcard regular expression (with * and ? wildcards). If the flag 'r' is specified then <match> is assumed to be a standard regular expression. If none of 'w' and 'r' is specified then <match> is treated as a simple string to be searched in each element of the <strings> array. 'r' takes precedence over 'w'. If the flag 's' is specified the matches are case sensitive.

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