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Author Topic: cigarettes questioned  (Read 825 times)
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« on: 11 August 2018, 11:12 »

In 1970, cigarette advertisements were removed from TV and radio, however smoking remained prevalent in movies, giving people - especially our youth-the impression that smoking is "cool."

Nonetheless, if you walk into that same restaurant or bar today where cigarettes have been long forbidden Carton Of Cigarettes Price, you may still find smokers … e-cigarette smokers, and their numbers are on the rise.

Or maybe you've walked down the street and witnessed a bunch of teenagers sitting at a table blowing smoke out of this long pipe, attached to a metal structure sitting on the table. This is called a hookah, and this type of smoking is becoming more and more popular, too.

Let's start with e-cigarettes.

They are battery-operated devices, loaded with a liquid cartridge filled with polypropylene glycol - the major synthetic substance - but oftentimes nicotine and other flavorings are added to allow good taste for the smoker Marlboro Cigarette Types. Even though they contain less nicotine and tar, with fewer carcinogenic chemicals than traditional cigarettes, they are far from risk-free.

I spoke with Ro Jordan, who works with the Erie County Health Department, and she gave me some very interesting facts, discovered through her personal research, on this topic. Below is what she shared with me:

Even though smoking has been banned in public facilities since 2003, e-cigs have fewer restrictions Brands Of Cigarettes. Currently, there are no New York State regulations aboutwhere people can smoke e-cigarettes. Establishments do, however, have the right to ban e-cigarettes at their discretion. Additionally, the vapor may cause skin and eye irritations, and drowsiness or dizziness, according to the CDC.

Jordan gave me this bit of knowledge, too: In 2010, Lt Gen (Dr.) Charles B. Green, then-Air Force surgeon general, issued a memorandum to commanders notifying them to classify electronic cigarettes in the same category as any other tobacco product.

Little do these young, developing minds know, any type of smoking is an unhealthy way to hang out with friends. Not only are e-cigs a health risk, but they are also not cheap. Yes, less expensive than cigarettes, but still a hefty drop in the bucket.

The national average for one pack of cigarettes is $7.50 while an e-cig costsaround $30, plus $2 to $4 for replacement cartridges. One cartridge equals approximately 15 cigarettes, so it depends how frequently one smokes to figure out cartridge longevity Marlboro Menthol Lights. Smoking can be an expensive habit, whatever wayyou choose to do it!

If our teens aren't smoking electronic cigarettes, sometimes they resort to hookah. Another form of newly growing entertainment among our teens, a hookah is an oriental tobacco pipe that uses charcoal to heat up wet tobacco (sheesha) using a long, flexible tube that then draws this smoke up into the mouth after filtering through a water-filled base.

The fact of the matter is that tobacco is still being inhaled, making hookah not such a healthy option. An alarming 18 percent of high school seniors surveyed using "Monitoring the Futures" data -looking at 5,540 high-school seniors who were asked about their hookah use between 2010 and 2012 -said they'd smoked a hookah in the past year.

Cigarette use has decreased by 33 percent in the past decade, but alternative tobacco product use Organic Cigarettes, such as e-cigs and hookah, has increased by 123 percent, according to Dr. Michael Weitzman, a professor of pediatrics and environmental medicine at New York University.

This study found that students at higher risk for use include those living in large cities; those who smoke marijuana or other illicit substance or drink alcohol; and those who have well-educated parents or a higher personal income. In comparison, cigarette use is more common in non-urban areas.
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