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28 May 2020, 08:28
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Author Topic: I am the Newport cigarette on your hand  (Read 680 times)
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« on: 4 August 2018, 04:45 »

    You burn me with tenderness Carton Of Cigarettes Price, I start to turn into Menthol Newport cigarette on your hand. When i turn around, my tears have fell down. , I am willing to become cigarette on your hands, let my happy tears lingering in your fingers, even if I turned into the ash also without a trace of regret, I am ripe fruit Marlboro Cigarette Types, I am the cigarette on your hand.I miss you no matter in the wind or ?in the rain, make you drunk again and again.Look at you with a gentle kiss, lit my love, burning my love, I am willing to burning like a hot cigarette, put my burning Brands Of Cigarettes, hot lips, close to the my body, sticky tongue, my body touching, love in the heating, love in the incineration.Don't know who I am, I do not know where to go, just know myself as a smoke, slowly rising, slowly embrace in your skies. I am your hands cigarette so you slowly suck, let you slowly taste, so that smoke into the heart of the lung, intoxicated which do not want to wake up! Heaven is destined to meet this life, everything is fate!
    Let me stay in your heart, I will always be your Newport short cigarette.Let you hold me in your hands, burning my body, blooming in my beauty Marlboro Menthol Lights, involuntarily take you around to go around, all burning is our future, I wish to be your hands cigarette and never goes out of the smoke, in which stay with your in combustion time.Looked at the hands of the cigarette, through your mouth, kisses, burning, curling up, rising, and you, mesmerizing. As I figure, your kiss, burning for you, for your dream soul around.I wish to be a cigarette in your hands, my love is like smoke, combustion, arise, and such as ash, I prefer scattered and disappear for you, a cigarette, a section of love, smoking, is the beginning, but I don't want to end.With a gentle heart, build your life feeling.
    Watch the cigarette ash slowly falling, from a certain period of a year, from a certain person appeared in my world, deeply fell in love with such a gesture, and the light tobacco flavor Organic Cigarettes.Winter night. Think of a person, some things, but suddenly afraid, Newport regular cigarette become a substitute for missing, in the heart of a deep, still filled with only your figure.Accustomed to listen??the country music?floating in the middle of the night, those long or short sentences, light or heavy tone, but the melody still floating in my own world.
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