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18 October 2018, 00:44
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Author Topic: Buying land and building a custom or prefab home  (Read 472 times)
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« on: 24 August 2017, 06:03 »

Modern eco-friendly Trailer house is changing the way people think about a pre-assembled building. These new luxurious houses are no longer plastic boxes - many of them employ cutting-edge architectural materials and designs.

Most people, when they think of prefab homes, think of those white plastic boxes that have been cut in half and are rolling down the highway on the back of a huge tractor-trailer. Not what many people would consider their dream home.

The 'trailer park' image of a ready-assembled house is fast disappearing as new, exciting and innovative designs are being produced to extremely high specifications to be built by skilled craftsmen.

The Bottom Line

Buying land and building a custom or prefab home is a little more complex a process than purchasing a home that is move-in ready. The end result, however, is a home that suits your needs and taste and was built with you in mind.

Prefabricated houses may not enjoy as much popularity as conventional abodes but they've come a long way in being able to provide a sturdy and safe environment to dwellers. They also boast more features not found in 'secured' houses which appeal to the unconventional at heart.

What exactly are prefab houses? How do they differ from mobile homes? Well, a prefabricated house is a manufactured house which isn't constructed from scratch on-site but is manufactured in sections sort of like puzzle pieces. The sections are transported to the site and fitted together to create a complete house.

Prefab houses have become popular over recent years because they offer a low-cost solution to people unable to afford the exorbitant prices attached to conventional houses. Since these homes can be customized, buyers have the freedom of specifying whether it's a small or large house they want, whether it should have a flat or sloped roof and so on. Trailer house - http://www.dreamhouseowner.com/product/trailer-house.html
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