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22 May 2018, 04:38
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Author Topic: Axial fans are placed inside electronic equipment to cool the equipment down  (Read 409 times)
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« on: 15 May 2017, 13:20 »

Axial fans DC Blowerare one of the most commonly used mechanical fans. The axial fans earn their name because they move the flow of air along their axis. They can be very small items and they can be very large items. They are simple in design, and yet without them the world would almost come to a screeching halt.

Axial fans are placed inside electronic equipment to cool the equipment down. You have more than likely heard the fan kick in on your computer when you are using it, or heard the fan inside your Xbox 360 come to live while you were playing. The small electrical fans inside these devices come to life to cool the device down and prevent damage from overheating.

You also have these items inside your automobile. A combustible engine must also be kept from overheating and fans are strategically used in them to do this. You also have fans that blow the heated air through the vents of your car when you turn the heater or defroster on. The same thing is true of the air conditioning system.

Axial fans are probably in every home in the form of either, a ceiling fan, a box fan, a table fan, or inside the heating and cooling unit. These items are everywhere we look and used in so many different applications that without them in our lives we would have difficulty doing the day to day activities we are accustomed to.

When you use the rest room in a store and you dry your hands with the blower you are making use of one of these devices. You also use them to dry your clothing at home and at the laundry mat. You use them in your hair dryer and in your convection ovens also.

The fans consist of blades, a motor, a gearbox, an armature, a protective cover, and wires to connect them to their power source. Not all of these items are powered by electricity, but the majority of the ones we come in contact with are.

There is always housing over the motor to protect it from debris, and there should be a cage that stops foreign materials from being able to make contact with the blades and interrupt them. These portions of the devices are for their safety as much as for our safety.

Great wind turbines are designed on the same principle as these devices are except the great wind turbines turn with the force of the wind instead of with the power of a motor. The rotating assembly of blades and a hub on the wind turbines works exactly like the ones do on the small fans inside your computer; they simply have a different power source.

These items have been evolving and changing to some degree over the years and some of the devices are even considered to be collectible. Many of the household fans that were used in the 20s, 30s, and 50s, are sought after by collectors of those time periods. AC Axial Fan: http://www.afl-fan.com/
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