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 on: 17 January 2020, 11:44 
Started by xiaxue123 - Last post by xiaxue123
Innovative ideas and techniques are being adapted so that expert use can be made to promote your product across the globe.

The completely new iPhone will undergo an important redesign. It will feature a larger screen when compared to the older models and will support HD (1080p) possibilities. The glass back are going to be removed and replaced by just a metal one which will double as the phone’s antenna. It are likewise available in two colours: black and white.

Whether you feel the hyped up speculations surrounding the latest must-have gadget, one problem is sure: expect long lines within the Apple Stores worldwide when it finally is developed.
Could it be really possible to get an New iphone for free? Yes it truly is possible and there are websites that will be legitimate, but you must able to follow numerous simple directions. Getting one for free is absolutely not as hard as perhaps you believe though and people achieve it everyday.

Why would a profitable business website give away something this enlightening away for free? Well giving products away without charge helps these different businesses purchase the word out about ones own client’s new goods and services plants offer. The companies make a huge buzz about their new promotion because of this technique. This is a unique marketing promotion that will not last forever.

What steps do I must take to get a free phone? First New York Yankees Jerseys For Sale , you want to find a website that provides the items away for free. There are several various websites out there on-line. Just be careful that you just find a legitimate an individual. You will be needed to completely fill out their own registration forms. It is important that you fill out the correct information or this could possibly jeopardize you receiving a newly purchased phone.

They will also need check out a certain wide variety of goods and services for getting your free item. Certainly one of what offers they want you investigate are popular acquisitions that you would find in your own local mall. Some companies may also give you bonuses for referring friends and family, so they can do the same principal as you.

Alright which usually about sums it in place. Make sure you go along with their directions because unique websites have slight disparities, but they are usually basic do. After you complete the offers you get your free Apple iPhone 4G immediately at all.
It looks since the UK mobile phones market is to obtain a cheaper 8GB edition from the iPhone 4 released immediately for those on a tight budget but wanting the iconic iPhone for their pocket.

Joining the iPhone 4 16GB as well as 32GB models the 8GB simply supplies a smaller internal memory capacity whilst retaining every one of the key features that have made the iphone4 such a wanted cellular telephone.

This very same perform by Apple was performed right after they first released the up-to-date 4th generation model Cheap New York Yankees Jerseys , the company immediately unveiled an 8GB edition on their iPhone 3GS alongside the actual 16GB and 32GB versions from the older model and it’s still being sold these days.

It seems only rational, in this tough global financial environment, to make the Apple iphone brand available to several consumers as possible of course Sonny Gray Yankees Jersey , if it means having a smaller memory to cut back costs but retain in which unique design and benefits that everybody wants nobody might be any the wiser when it’s pulled by a pocket.

This iPhone 4 8GB models has been almost confirmed by two unknown Reuters sources who declare that the new model is now in manufacturing by an undisclosed Korean company knowning that this new lower memory device is going to be launched within weeks.

My organization is working at Apple and of course I have all all the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iphone and now the apple iphone 4s. I have also the iPad plus the iPad 2 Aaron Judge Yankees Jersey , but I love Android as well We’re a proud owner from the Samsung Galaxy SII.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Apple iPhone 5 – A Look At Its Rumoured Features, What To Expect From The Upcoming Apple iPhone 5 – A Look At Its Rumoured Features, What To Expect From The Upcoming Apple iPhone 5 – A Look At Its Rumoured Features

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 on: 17 January 2020, 11:39 
Started by xiaxue123 - Last post by xiaxue123
The meaning is that every kind of food we can easily cook under ,It furnishes us the many facilities to cook food and the grill of it provides the support to cooking material. It also smoker recipe system we can cook food at outdoor or indoor also and can make tasty food. If anyone has allergy by the smoke so the barbecue is the best option for him to protect our self from smoke and heat because it also less produce heat which is a best point of view of it.

The coal are ready when it look white not black and maintain the heat of the barbecue. In the starting the flame appears because the coal is not ready when it ready so the coal looks in white color. The food cooks under it in steam and heat both type the steam cook food can maintain the original color of vegetables.

Addamsmith - About Author:
There are Get a barbecuesshrimp recipe to create a variety of dishes you can serve on your next cook out party, to be get lots of fun and comfortable.

When you want creative best talented professionals to be hired for your weddings and other special occasions in your family, then you must call the best London wedding photographer. Obviously Chandler Jones Jersey , here we suggest you the best in the business. You can deal with the top rated geeks in the industry as of now.

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 on: 17 January 2020, 11:34 
Started by xiaxue123 - Last post by xiaxue123
Picture leap?? is actually a bothersome women’s vision issue generally aroused by progressive bifocal lens or trifocal lenses by way of their separate, sudden energy gaps. Relocating sight across these visible lines of bifocals or trifocals, a wearer might be to encounter an image leap. Aside from that, trifocal and bifocal lenses only supply clear images inside of a particular range of distances. Past that, burry vision might take place. Progressive lenses keep away from each one of these difficulties by offering a comfy prescription changeover. Distress of progressive lenses can be burry peripheral vision in a few first-time wearers.

The wide unfold of progressive lenses manufactured by some exceptional progressive lenses manufacturers within the Usa has promoted the development of lens systems. Right now Cameron Reddish Jersey , progressive lenses with wider intermediate and studying parts are available. And unique occupational models specially for computer perform will also be offered. Contemporary progressive lenses deliver fewer peripheral aberrations by applying wavefront-guided engineering. New progressive lenses will also be appropriate with smaller sized lens frames, which was unfeasible within the past. These little lens models provide more snazzy alternatives.

Materials such as high-index plastic glasses and impact-resistant polycarbonate happen to be used to provide progressive lenses now. Anti-reflective coatings on progressive lenses lessen distracting lens reflections and supply a lot more beautiful look. Progressive lenses are also offered in photochromic and polarized types.

With such a wide array of possibilities, you might inquire knowledgeable optician for guidance.

Free News Articles Home Business Education and Schools Free News Articles Surgery and Neurotechnology 8th Annual Spine IEP Fellows and Young Surgeons鈥?Course Sets Record Attendance 8th Annual Spine IEP Fellows and Young Surgeons鈥?Course Sets Record Attendance

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Magnifi Group Inc. reported a record number of Spine Fellows and Young Surgeons from top spine centers and hospitals across the U.S. in attendance at the 8th Annual Spine IEP Fellows and Young Surgeons' Course in San Francisco, Calif. Cheap Duke Blue Devils Jerseys , on November 16-18, 2018.

The three-day course was led by Course Director, Dr. Gurvinder Deol, Chief of the Orthopaedic Spine Services at WakeMed Health and Hospitals, Raleigh Zion Williamson Blue Devils Jersey , N.C.

The Fellow-Young Surgeon attendees benefited from interactive and engaging lectures, panel discussion, debates and case study presentations. Surgeon attendees also participated in several didactic sessions with a record 36 medical device companies throughout the day on Saturday, November 17.

Magnifi Group will hold its 9th Annual Spine IEP Fellows and Young Surgeons' Course November 15-17, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Huntington Beach Trevon Duval Blue Devils Jersey , Calif. Magnifi anticipates another record-breaking year for Fellow-Young Surgeon attendees and exhibiting medical device companies.

For more information, please visit the 2019 Spine IEP Fellows and Young Surgeons' Course website at https:www.spine-iepsfcindex.

About Magnifi Group:

Magnifi Group is a developer of dynamic online training solutions for leading global corporations. The company also hosts a live course for lower extremity surgeons - Lower Extremity IEP Fellows and Young Surgeons' Course. The company was founded in 2002 and has offices in San Diego, Calif. and Wiesbaden, Germany.

For more information, please visit https:learn-wise.

Related link: http:www.magnifigroup

This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.

Where Are The Scottish Clockmakers Family Articles | July 17 Marvin Bagley III Blue Devils Jersey , 2007
The making of clocks in Scotland was not recognized as a separate craft until about 1640. In Aberdeen in 1618 there were but three clocks.

The making of clocks in Scotland was not recognized as a separate craft until about 1640. In Aberdeen in 1618 there were but three clocks, "the Kirk Knok, Tolbooth Knok, and the College Knok, all out of repair because they are auld and worne and partlie for want of skilful men to attend them."

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 on: 17 January 2020, 11:29 
Started by xiaxue123 - Last post by xiaxue123
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>5 Amazing gadgets to keep your pets entertained

Posted by RosieHarman on November 8th Greg Little Panthers Jersey , 2019

The tech industry is growing. The last we checked, they were manufacturing gadgets to meet human needs and to bring them ease. But with humans comes forward the trend that people love to spend on their furry friends, like, a lot. These gadgets not only facilitate the animals but also bring lots of comfort in the lives of their owners.

I don’t think if it is the same with every fur baby owner Brian Burns Panthers Jersey , but I have spent hours on my Optimum internet, looking at feather toys and fur bunnies for them to cuddle with. But since the time I came across some of these amazing tech gadgets online, there is no going back to stuffed ones anymore.

And after all the research, I have prepared this special list for you. With the holidays coming up Curtis Samuel Panthers Jersey , now you don’t even have to search the web crazily for all the gifts you can get for your fur baby. Because nothing is too much when it comes to them! Just choose one right here!

The Fetch Game Buddy

Do you love playing fetch with your fur baby? But there are days when you are too tired from working and don’t exactly feel like throwing the ball again and again. This gadget can save you. There are many models available in the market, like the iFetch automatic ball launcher. It can be used equally well for indoor and outdoor playing. You just have to show your dog to place the ball into the top of the machine, and the machine will do the rest for you. It can throw up to a distance of 30 feet.

You can use it with a power cord or with batteries. The fun part? Mostly all of these come with a guidebook to help you on how to teach your dog to play. Be it a rainy indoor day or a day in the park, weekends are never going to be hectic again!

The Pet Fountain

Ever been sitting in your office and wondered if a bug has contaminated your pet’s water bowl? We all do. Tech has provided a solution to that too. There are automated pet fountains available in the market that can provide fresh water every time your pet gets thirsty. The water capacities vary Christian McCaffrey Panthers Jersey , and they go up to 170 ounces, so they are suitable for pets of all sizes. They come up with replaceable filters that can eliminate bad smells and tastes to give fresh water every time.

These fountains usually come up with built-in water reservoirs. Less refilling is a convenience. You can also adjust the quantity of water flow, depending on the need and size of your pet.

Pet Video Communication Devices

Such a pity we cannot FaceTime our pets all the time! But there are such handy alternates to try out now. There are video communication devices available in the market now that you can get installed at your place and talk to them any time you want.

All you have to do is just open the connecting app on your smartphone or your desktop and hit the ‘chat’ button. It rings a bell on your home device, informing your canine friend about an incoming call. Some models come with a button which when pressed Donte Jackson Panthers Jersey , can gift your pet a treat from your side!

A Pet Whistle

Yes, we know you have one for playing, but this one is different. Excuse me for putting a stressful thought in your mind, but there are times when our furry friends can go missing. It can take some time before you can find them again. There are now gadgets that can lower the risk of losing our loved ones. Whistle 3 is such a device. It is a GPS device that tracks the activity of your pet. You can attach it directly to their collar because it is very light weighted. Equally good for cats and dogs. You can connect it directly to your mobile via an app DJ Moore Panthers Jersey , and it will transmit all of your pet’s activity to you, including their l. Cheap Jerseys China Online   Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Hats   Cheap Shirts   Cheap NHL Jerseys Shop   Cheap NFL Jerseys Online   Cheap MLB T-shirts   Cheap T-shirts   Wholesale Soccer Hats 

 on: 17 January 2020, 06:07 
Started by Labi1995 - Last post by Labi1995
Nach der letzten Wiederholung des Air Max 200 auf der ?Weltbühne 1992“ hat Nike die neueste Version der Silhouette in einer Rot-Gold-Kombination für die aktuelle Saison ver?ffentlicht. Der Colorway mit dem Namen ?Team Gold / University Red“ befindet sich auf einem Air Unit-Fundament, w?hrend das lebhafte Obermaterial eine Reihe von Details hervorhebt. Der Air Max 200 besteht aus einer Nike Air Max 90 Femme Mischung aus Mesh, Nubuk und Gummi Nike Internationalist Femme und hat eine leicht klobige Form. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Bleu Akzentuiert durch ausgepr?gte Luftblasen Adidas ZX Flux Femme an der Mittelsohle. Das ?Air Max 200“ -Logo Nike Internationalist Femme befindet sich oben auf der Zunge über schwarzen Eins?tzen und passt zu Schnürsenkeln, Innenkragen, Ferse und Zehenkappe. Dünne blaue Lichter erscheinen direkt unter dem Kragen und einer der ?sen. Zur Erg?nzung der Grundfarbe erscheinen rote Treffer in vertikaler Reihenfolge, angefangen vom oberen Spitzenk?fig bis zum Swoosh an den Seitenw?nden und schlie?lich an der hinteren Lufteinheit.

Nike l?sst seinen hybriden Air VaporMax Plus in einer neuen Uni-Farbe rot / schwarz fallen. Diesmal ist das Neopren-Oberteil des Sneakers in der Farbe University Red gehalten, w?hrend Schwarz den Rest des Schuhs über das Kotflügel, die Fersenlasche, den Schuhk?fig und die durchgehende Nike Air Max 95 Womens Vapormax-Sohleneinheit abhebt der Kn?chel, Adidas NMD Womens der Zeh und die Zunge. Als Nike Air Max 90 Mujer Rosa Rückfalldetail hat Nike das "Vm Air" -Logo an der Nike Air Odyssey Womens Ferse des Schuhs angebracht. Interessenten finden Nike Air Max 95 Mujer dieses Paar Nike Air VaporMax Plus in Hochschulrot bei YCMC zu einem Preis von 190 USD. Das gestreifte graue Design, das von einer preisreduzierten Sneaker-Box inspiriert wurde, verleiht dem Nike Air VaporMax Plus eine aktualisierte Silhouette.

Als Anspielung auf den Retro-Air Max Plus erh?lt der Schuh ein schwebendes Webbett, das sich nahtlos in den Rest des Schuhs einfügt und dem Neopren-Obermaterial einige textile Rundungen verleiht. Dunkelblaue Reflexe treffen auf den Kragen, die Fersenlasche, die Fersenpartie und das Futter, w?hrend der Nike Swoosh an der Seite und an der Zunge zurückhaltend wirkt. Unterstützt durch die charakteristische Nike Air Max 95 Femme VaporMax-Sohleneinheit nimmt www.anwaltskurse.de die durchscheinende D?mpfung auch Nike Air Vapormax Womens eine dunkelblaue Farbe an und verleiht Nike Air Max 90 Femme dem gesamten Sneaker ein heiteres Wassergefühl. Adidas NMD Womens Der Nike Air VaporMax Plus in ?Light Current Blue“ ist ab sofort bei Nike und anderen H?ndlern für erh?ltlich $ 190 USD. Falls Sie es verpasst haben, sehen Sie sich unsere Zusammenfassung der besten Tropfen dieser Woche an. "Wir hatten noch nie jemanden, der Beweise vorlegte, um uns zu überzeugen."

 on: 17 January 2020, 06:03 
Started by Labi1995 - Last post by Labi1995
Na de laatste '1992 World Nike Air Max 95 Womens Stage'-iteratie van de Air Max 200, heeft Nike de nieuwste Adidas ZX Flux Womens versie van het silhouet uitgebracht in een combinatie Adidas Superstar Mujer van rood en goud voor het huidige seizoen. De kleur wordt 'Team Nike Air Vapormax Femme Gold / University Red' genoemd, en bevindt zich op een Air-unitbasis, Adidas Arkyn Mujer terwijl het levendige bovenwerk een reeks details benadrukt. De Air Max 200 is geconstrueerd in een mix van gaas, nubuck en rubber, en heeft een ietwat dikke bouw, geaccentueerd door uitgesproken luchtbellen in de tussenzool. Het merk "Air Max 200" wordt bovenaan de tong over zwarte panelen geplaatst, passend bij de veters, binnenkragen, hiel en neus. Dunne blauwe highlights verschijnen net onder de kraag en een van de ogen. Om de primaire kleur aan te vullen, verschijnen rode hits in een verticale volgorde, beginnend bij de bovenste kanten Nike Air Max 270 Femme kooi tot de Swoosh aan de zijwanden en tenslotte Nike Air Max 95 Mujer bij de achterste luchteenheid.

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Een knipoog naar de retro Air Nike Air Max 90 Damen Rosa Max Plus, de schoen krijgt een zwevende overlay Nike Air Max 90 Mujer die naadloos aansluit op de rest van de schoen, terwijl Adidas Superstar Femme hij wat textielcurven toevoegt aan het bovenwerk van neopreen. Nike Air Max 90 Womens Marineblauwe tinten raken de kraag, hiellip, hielteller en voering, Nike Internationalist Womens terwijl Nike Swoosh een ingetogen uiterlijk langs de zijkant en tong maakt. Ondersteund door zijn kenmerkende VaporMax-zool neemt de doorschijnende demping ook een tonale donkerblauwe vorm aan, die een serene aquatische uitstraling aan de algehele sneaker oproept.De Nike Air VaporMax Plus in "Light Current Blue" is nu verkrijgbaar bij Nike en andere retailers voor $ 190 USD. Als je het gemist hebt, bekijk dan zeker onze verzameling van de beste drops die deze week plaatsvinden: "We hebben nog nooit iemand gehad om wat bewijsmateriaal te brengen om ons te overtuigen."

 on: 15 January 2020, 10:13 
Started by Labi1995 - Last post by Labi1995
Wir haben festgestellt, dass ein L?ufer, der die beliebtesten Versionen dieser www.dancardwell.co.uk Schuhe trug, die der ?ffentlichkeit zur Verfügung stehen - Zoom Vaporfly 4% oder ZoomX Vaporfly Next% - 4 bis 5 Prozent schneller Nike Air Vapormax Femme lief als ein L?ufer, der einen durchschnittlichen Schuh trug, und 2 bis 3 Prozent schneller als ein L?ufer L?ufer im n?chstschnellsten Nike Air Max 90 Womens beliebten Schuh. (Es gab keinen signifikanten Unterschied zwischen den Vaporfly- und Next% -Schuhen, als wir ihre Auswirkungen separat gemessen Nike Air Max 95 Damen haben. Wir haben sie in unseren Sch?tzungen zusammengefasst.) Dieser Unterschied Nike Air Max 90 Womens erkl?rt sich nicht dadurch, dass schnellere L?ufer die Schuhe tragen und L?ufer sie tragen einfachere Rennen oder Adidas NMD Dámské durch L?ufer, die nach mehr Trainingsmeilen in die Schuhe wechseln. In einem Rennen zwischen zwei Marathonl?ufern mit www.beverleyely.com derselben F?higkeit h?tte ein L?ufer, der diese Schuhe tr?gt, einen erheblichen Vorteil gegenüber einem Wettbewerber, der sie Nike Air Max 90 Mujer nicht tr?gt.

Die Schuhe, die für 250 US-Dollar im Einzelhandel erh?ltlich sind, bieten L?ufern aller Art einen Vorteil: M?nnern www.annieemmerson.co.uk und Frauen, schnellen und langsamen L?ufern, Hobbyisten und Viell?ufern. Wichtiger ist, dass fast alle diese neuen Ergebnisse in einer Nike Internationalist Womens Welt stattfinden, in der L?ufer waren fingen an, diese Schuhe in gro?er Zahl zu tragen. In dieser Zeit gab ein überw?ltigender Teil der L?ufer Nike Air Vapormax Womens - insbesondere der schnelleren - an, auf diese Schuhe umzusteigen, vermutlich auf der Suche nach einem Vorteil, den sie am Renntag haben k?nnten. In den letzten Monaten des Jahres 2019 waren es 41 Nike Air Force 1 Womens Prozent der Marathons unter drei Stunden Berichten zufolge in diesen Schuhen gefahren (für Rennen, bei denen wir Daten Nike Air Max 95 Mujer haben):

Viele andere Marken, darunter Brooks, Saucony, New Balance, Hoka One One und Asics, haben ?hnliche Schuhe auf den Nike Internationalist Womens Markt gebracht oder planen dies. Diese Schuhe bieten zwar den gleichen oder einen noch gr??eren Vorteil, die meisten sind jedoch Adidas NMD Mujer noch nicht in ausreichender Anzahl in unseren Daten enthalten, um ihre Wirksamkeit zu messen. Was diese Schuhe auszeichnet, ist unter Nike Internationalist Mujer anderem eine Kohlefaserplatte in der Zwischensohle. die bei jedem Schritt Energie speichert und abgibt und als eine Art Schleuder oder Nike Air Max 95 Femme Katapult fungieren soll, um L?ufer anzutreiben. Die Schuhe sind au?erdem mit Mittelsohlenschaum ausgestattet, der laut Forschern zu einer h?heren Wirtschaftlichkeit beim Laufen beitr?gt. Ob die Schuhe gegen die Nike Internationalist Femme Regeln von World Athletics versto?en, h?ngt davon ab, wie man diesen Satz aus seinem Regelwerk interpretiert: ?Schuhe www.anwaltskurse.de dürfen nicht so konstruiert sein, dass sie Sportlern dienen jede unfaire Hilfe oder jeden unfairen Vorteil. “Es wird nicht Nike Air Vapormax Dámské angegeben, was ein solcher Vorteil sein k?nnte.

 on: 15 January 2020, 10:08 
Started by Labi1995 - Last post by Labi1995
We found that a runner wearing the most popular versions of these shoes available to the public — the Zoom Vaporfly 4% or ZoomX Vaporfly Next% — ran 4 to 5 percent faster  than a runner wearing an average shoe, and 2 to 3 percent faster than runners in the next-fastest popular shoe. (There was no meaningful difference between the Vaporfly and Next% shoes when we measured their Nike Air Max 90 Damen Blau effects separately. We have combined them in our estimates.)This difference is not explained by faster runners choosing to wear the shoes, by runners choosing to wear them in easier races or by runners switching to the Nike Air Max 90 Femme shoes after Nike Air Max 90 Womens running more training miles. In a race between two marathoners of the same ability, a runner wearing these shoes would have a significant advantage over a competitor not wearing them.

The shoes, which Adidas NMD Mujer retail for $250, confer an advantage on all kinds of runners: men and women, fast runners and slower ones, hobbyists and frequent racers.More important, nearly all of these new results take place in a world Adidas Superstar Womens in which runners had begun to wear these shoes in large numbers. In this period, an overwhelming share of runners — particularly faster ones — reported switching to these shoes, presumably looking for any edge Nike Air Vapormax Womens they could get on race day.Consider Nike Air Max 95 Womens that in the final months of 2019, about 41 percent of marathons under three hours were reported to have been run in these shoes (for races in which we have data):

Many other brands, Nike Air Max 95 Womens including Nike Internationalist Damen Brooks, Saucony, New Balance, Hoka One One and Asics, have introduced similar shoes to the market or plan to. These shoes may provide the same advantage or an even larger one, but most do not yet Nike Air Max 95 Mujer appear in sufficient numbers in our data to measure their effectiveness.What makes these shoes different is, among other things, a carbon-fiber plate in the midsole, which stores and releases energy with each Nike Internationalist Femme stride and is meant to act as a kind of slingshot, or catapult, to propel runners. The shoes also feature midsole foam that researchers say contributes to increased running economy.Whether the shoes violate rules Nike Internationalist Mujer from track’s governing  body, World Athletics, depends on how one interprets this sentence from its rulebook: “Shoes must not be constructed so as to give athletes any unfair assistance or advantage.” It does not specify Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Womens what www.ranmoorpharmacy.co.uk such an advantage might be.

 on: 15 January 2020, 05:42 
Started by gjsohcat - Last post by gjsohcat
As the research and development center of the national institute of powder technology, SBM mine has made its own efforts and contributions to the development of the powder industry for more than 40 years. Raymond mill is the creative new super fine powder machine independently researched and developed by SBM mine. Raymond mill material range is the most extensive in the range of 400 mesh -1250 non-metallic mineral ores in China. It is a new superfine powder machine with high-cost performance. It is not a ring roller mill or a vertical mill; it is a domestic initiative, unique advanced, new micro - powder machine.

Application domain:materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, coating, paper making, rubber, medicine, food and other fields of under Moh's hardness 7 non-flammable materials powder grinding processing under the environment of 6 percent or less humidity.

Applicable material:kaolin, barite, fluorite, talc, water slag and ash calcium powder, wollastonite, gypsum, limestone, phosphate rock, marble, potassium feldspar, quartz sand, bentonite, manganese ore and other material of which Moh’s hardness materials below level.

 on: 14 January 2020, 10:44 
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Two weeks Briean Boddy-Calhoun Jersey , two ties.OK, let’s get this out of the way now: Yes, the NFL is fit to be tied.Fit tighter than most folks might think, too.In a slopfest of an opener, the Steelers and Browns drew 21-21 . The first game of the season often can be messy and painful to watch, particularly when so many key players don’t take the field much, if at all, in the preseason. This one was all of that, even if a tie was a big step in the right direction for Cleveland, which lost 31 of 32 contests entering this season.Yet the Browns sounded more angry with the deadlock than did the Steelers.“There’s no way that we shouldn’t have won this game,” safety Jabrill Peppers said. “We didn’t win. It is all about winning. Nobody cares about draws or ties, whatever you guys call it. We were in a (position) to win this game countless times. We just have to make the plays.”A week later, in a more artistic affair — minus the ugly kicking by the now-released Daniel Carlson for Minnesota — the Vikings and Packers finished 29-29. Like the other tie, it was a divisional game. Unlike the other one Joe Schobert Color Rush Jersey , both of these clubs should be in the playoff hunt.So assessing a draw left them perplexed.“I don’t know what to feel after a tie,” Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins said. “It’s a unique place to be and proud of the way that the whole team — when I say the team, the coaching staff, the players, the support staff — the way everybody stayed in it and fought. There were times where we thought we should have won it, there were times the Packers feel like they should have won it. And it was a great game, and unfortunately we didn’t get the win.”Green Bay’s reactions were similar.“It’s gross,” kicker Mason Crosby offered. “I don’t like it. Obviously, you hate losing. A tie is just weird. You just don’t get them a lot.”Ah, but you just might this season. Two in two weeks could be a harbinger.The NFL reduced the length of overtime from 15 minutes to 10 before last season. Stunningly, there were no ties.But the odds of more results without a winner are vastly increased. And league executives understood that when they made the change.“What it came down to was really a player safety discussion,” said Dean Blandino, head of the league’s officiating department when the rule change was made in 2017 and now an NFL analyst for Fox. “The year prior to change, you had several games that went the full overtime periods and ended in a tie https://www.brownsfanshop.com/Ricardo-Louis-Jersey , or a game ended on a field goal at the last second. That’s an additional however many plays in that game. We had one instance when a team had to come back on Thursday night and play, so that’s a very short week for rest and then playing again.“So we asked, ‘Are we pushing our players to play an extra quarter and having to come back, creating a chance for more injuries?’“Yes the potential for more ties would be there in a shorter overtime, but the members of the (competition) committee and the owners didn’t think a tie was necessarily a bad thing.”Maybe yes, maybe no. But are the alternatives worthwhile?The NFL could adopt the college rule (won’t ever happen), which detractors have said is like having a home run derby decide a tied baseball game; too much of the natural game is eliminated. So is the sudden death element, although even that has been diluted by the current NFL overtime rule in which the team receiving the kickoff must score a touchdown for the game to end immediately.Not that we are advocating for getting rid of that and returning to the coin toss being even more instrumental in deciding a game.The option of continuing to play until there is a winner doesn’t work in the regular season for a variety of reasons. Player safety — player exhaustion — is the main reason, but there are broadcast considerations on a busy Sunday afternoon, too. And fan comfort, particularly in Lambeau or Soldier Field or Gillette Stadium in December.The NFL also senses that with the shorter overtime, teams will attack more during the extra period. That seems to have been the case at Lambeau Field last Sunday. In the other tie, play was so chaotic it was difficult to tell if either side had a plan for winning.“There were a lot of things discussed and on the table,” Blandino said of competition committee meetings about overtime. “This goes back if you look prior to 2012 David Njoku Jersey , the coin toss was such a big part of OT. We had less ties under that system; just, look at the stats from 1994-2011, and there were only four ties. Since 2012 and the chance to have both teams getting possession, in the next five years, we had five ties in that period.”And in 2018, we already have two. Get ready for more. A report on Thursday indicated that the Browns’ transition to offensive coordinator Todd Monken has not gone as well as hoped and that head coach Freddie Kitchens has been playing a bigger role in installing the offense than anticipated.It’s unclear how big a role Kitchens was expected to play, but it stands to reason that he was always going to be involved given the fact that he’ll be calling the plays in Cleveland this year. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry was asked about the report on Friday and he didn’t dispute Kitchens’s involvement or the fact that some things haven’t gone smoothly, but he didn’t make it sound like Monken was in over his head.“I have no idea about that,” Landry said, via Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com. “Freddie has done a great job of monitoring, stepping in when he needs to step in. Todd continues to teach us the way — every guy is different as far as learning so continues to try to teach us. We kinda go from there. It’s a new offense. There’s a lot to learn. There’s a lot of moving parts. It takes some time, not everything goes smoothly.”Reports of difficult patches during offseason installation will only be remembered if the Browns offense fails to ignite this September and the team has all of training camp to work toward making sure that doesn’t happen.

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