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27 November 2020, 10:17
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1  General / General IRC questions / Madden 21: Top 10 Best Rated Quarterbacks on: 15 July 2020, 11:37
Madden NFL 21 MUT Coins Next August 25 will be released on the video game platforms PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC the new installment of the video game Madden 21 produced by EA Sports and which is the main simulator of the National Football League (NFL) which will have various new player ratings.

More than a month after the premiere the US company EA Sports released the list of the 10 best-quarterbacks with the best ratings on the platform with the Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes commanding the list the only one in that position. with a rating of 99 points.

Behind the highest-paid player in the history of world sportcheap Madden 21 Ultimate Team Coins his Seattle Seahawks pair Russell Wilson with a rating of 97 points and closes the podium Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens which is also the cover of the video game with a rating of 94 units.

After the first three Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints appears with 93 followed by the experienced Tom Brady new reinforcement of Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 90; Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers with 89; Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons with 87 and Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans with 86.

They close the list of the 10 best quarterbacks of the Madden 21 in ninth place Dak Prescott today in Dallas Cowboys and Carson Wentz of Philadelphia Eagles both with an evaluation of 84 points.

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2  General / Announcements / NBA 2K21 to add three athletes to its cover on: 30 June 2020, 12:55
NBA 2K21 MT Points 2K Sports has announced that this year's NBA 2K21 will have not just one but three cover athletes and they will be announced through the popular social media platform TikTok.

NBA 2K20 standard edition cover athlete Anthony Davis passes the torch on to NBA 2K21 cover athletes in what was the first message on the NBA 2K TikTok channel. The new platform will become a reference where fans around the world will be able to consult the latest information on NBA 2K21 and exclusive content.

In a press release 2K recalled that Anthony Davis a basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) revealed on the NBA 2K TikTok channel that next week the identities of the three athletes who will be part of the cover of NBA 2K21. The announcement will be made in stages from Tuesday June 30 to Thursday cheap NBA 2K21 MT July 2.

NBA 2K fans may want to get a TikTok account as 2K Sports says the channel will be the "center of reference" for the latest news on NBA 2K21. The channel will also host "exclusive behind the scenes content."

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3  General / General IRC questions / He’s reached max level on a character in World of Warcraft Classic on: 27 May 2020, 09:51
buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold The player in question is DrFive who actively avoided and ignored any non-boar creature and non-boar mob to grind these levels. Unlike South Park he didn’t do this impressive feat purely in the Elwynn Forest but the task is no less commendable.

The stunt is a reference to one of the best-remembered South Park episodes “Make Love Not Warcraft,” where the children have all recently gotten into playing World of Warcraft. Unfortunately for them their game is constantly interrupted by a griefer a high-ranking player who keeps killing their characters and won’t leave them alone. The children decide to take on the griefer but they need to power up their characters first. To do this they stay in Elwynn Forest one of World of Warcraft‘s starting zones World of Warcraft Classic Gold for sale and kill an endless number of low-level boars. The process takes ages and the children go through a remarkable physical degradation as they spend months sitting in one place performing the same meaningless task over and over again.

As for stats the effort took a total of 10 days played with 10,000 boars killed. This resulted in 30 deaths and 22 million damage dealt.

By leveling a character from 1-60 by only killing boars Dr Five has managed to complete the same challenge — though the task fortunately did not take the same extreme physical toll on his body.

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4  General / General IRC questions / Invisible cheaters in Escape from Tarkov steal your inventory on: 14 March 2020, 07:41
Escape from Tarkov Euros In Escape from Tarkov cheaters are increasing their mischief using a kind of invisibility hack and stealing your inventory unnoticed. On Reddit there are several posts that deal with the problem.

A player also complained about his suffering on YouTube. The poor guy got his modded M4 stolen from his hands by a brazen cheater in the middle of the raid.

Meanwhile the chief of developer Battlestate Games Nikita Buyanov spoke on Reddit about the new problems with cheaters. According to this countermeasures had already been put in place on the one hand to banish the cheaters and on the other hand to remedy the causes.

The increasing number of cheaters should also be related to the increased interest in the hardcore shooter since the beginning of the year. After a successful promotion Battlestate Games stated that Escape from Tarkov now has hundreds of thousands of simultaneous cheap Escape from Tarkov Roubles players which in turn caused server problems.

Escape from Tarkov has had problems with cheaters in the past. To create more transparency about the measures against fraudsters the developers have published a list of timely banned cheaters in the official forum in 2019 for example.

Meanwhile an upcoming change also related to unfair intentions is dividing the community in Escape from Tarkov. To fight bots more effectively access to the flea market has been increased from level 5 to 15. Players criticize that this could widen the gap between beginners and professionals.

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5  General / General IRC questions / FIFA 19 game experience not to finish and also on: 10 August 2018, 09:48
cheap fut 19 coins Path of Exile Incursion Challenge League will Update on June 1; In this League explorer Alva Valai is searching for the ancient Vaal treasure temple of Atzoatl. Travel back in time to discover the location of the temple and change its history to maximize your reward. Path of Exile June Update includes the Incursion League new items  new gems and a massive revamp to many iconic skills..

First thing to say is that there two types of red green colourblindness. Different shades of green) but not normally impossible. It can be any level of severity from being almost impossible to tell to possibly not even noticing the issue I have quite a severe version of this. I'm not asking for everything I'm just suggesting some ideas that could have perhaps been imported over the last 6 years. I understand FUT is the most popular and obviously the most paid mode. Pro clubs hasn't even been given a chance since nothing has changed so how can you sit there and say "why would they invest into something they are unsure of will work" when fifa 19 coins for salethey haven't even given the possibility in the first place.

DE TOUT NOUVEAUX MODESEssayez le tout nouveau mode UEFA Champions League indpendant pour disputer la clbre comptition depuis la phase de groupes jusqu' la finale au stade Wanda Metropolitano de Madrid. Retrouvez galement cette comptition de clubs dans les modes Coup d'envoi et Carrire. Crez votre quipe de rve avec des mises jour de contenu UEFA Champions League et Europa League en direct dans FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

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6  General / General IRC questions / Wisest Choice To Buy FIFA 19 Comfort Trade at 5mmmo on: 23 July 2018, 07:22
cheap FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Comfort Trade Nobody else had the balls to do it yet they all talked about it they stayed for a package that never appeared. 6 years on from the redundancy announcement they are still there no money and are being treated like shit. At first glance Anthem seems to take more fromDestiny than the Mass Effect series: Players control super powerful mech style suits called which can fly and support with heavy duty weaponry. Some mission types will be dynamic requiring players to work together to complete a common goal.

1. When creating youth players being able to have their position as a CM FIFA 19 Comfort Trade for sale (instead of choosing CDM or CAM) or LW (instead of LM or LF). Putting aside its shocking and bizarre stage show Devolver Digital announced that it's bringing the original Xbox's cult hit Metal Wolf Chaos to the PS4 Xbox One and PC as a revamped port called Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Players take on the role of fictional US president Michael Wilson as he dons a mecha suit to fight back a military coup by the vice president.

We has been working daily for nearly five years with issues that are somehow associated with this game. With the exception of databases we the website players come around the many when they want to know some thing about FIFA. He isn the best card (anymore) but I still enjoy him so much. He started out as a striker for me but after the release of more / better special cards he been moving down positions and he ended up playing CM (a position he plays surprisingly well actually) but I would make exactly the same choice prime Ronaldinho.rkvndrln 1 point submitted 4 days agoYeah he great.

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7  General / General IRC questions / 5mmo – Best Online Store For Authentic Rainbow Six Siege Credits on: 7 July 2018, 06:14
cheap Rainbow Six credits Really solid work. Listen for enemies reloading planting charges or going prone to further increase your situational awareness. There are other examples (even from Ubisoft themself) that clearly show that this doesn work. Had I known it was the battery I would changed it myself for a lithium one.

It's not just the class you pick and how you play but how you play with your teammates. Donc si c votre oprateur prfr il va falloir tre rapide pour le slectionner. Rainbow Six Siege will include operators coming from five of the most worldwide renowned CTU: the British SAS the American SWAT the French GIGN the German GSG9 and the Russian SPETSNAZ..

Your system is infected by malware or viruses. You should be able to pick a character that fits the map and what you need to do to achieve the goal rather than have to make do with what you have.. Both Sony and Ubisoft took nearly 2 weeks to fix it and all they did beforehand was pointing fingers as each other.

E se proprio non conoscete nessuno che giochi con voi ricordate: per ogni evenienza c sempre un gruppo Facebook che vi viene in soccorso.. Featuring MSI's true GAMING DNA outstanding design and unique gaming features cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits this one is ready to guide you to the next level in gaming.. It extremely satisfying collecting resources around the map building up an inventory and seeing your survivors become more skilled.

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8  General / General IRC questions / NBA 2K19 MT we send an confirmation email or give on: 20 June 2018, 06:55
nba 2k19 mt for sale We just hope it isn't a prelude to microtransactions being added in the future because the loot boxes are irritating enough when it's only pretend currency you're spending on them.. If you're looking for surprises consider the other Star Wars projects that are currently in the works. 15. Not only did Zelda get more 10/10 scores than any game in history but Nintendo didn't have a dud all year with games like ARMS Splatoon 2 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and particularly Super Mario Odyssey.

The highest profile move to affect a sports video game release took place shortly after Brett Favre appeared on the cover of "Madden NFL 09." It was the first time publisher EA Sports had chosen a retired player for the cover of the storied franchise nba 2k19 mt online but Favre would unretire and force a trade to the Jets. The game is still going to ship with Irving on the Cavaliers but will feature him in a Celtics jersey with later iterations of the game.

Which of those Kings players inside a rookie? Answer:Harry Giles (100VC) 9. The 33 year old Jordan shot just under 43 percent from beyond the three point arc for the 95 96 Chicago Bulls. We hope that during the E3 of this year 2017 we know a little more about the innovations that are incorporated in the delivery of this year and we can enjoy its gameplay.. Servers are kinda stable maybe slightly moreso than in recent years past but they can still glitch easily.2K had built themselves up quite the series here rivaling that of EA's NBA Live and even surpassing it in recent history.

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9  General / General IRC questions / 5mmo Offer Dofus Touch Kamas With Stable And Best Service on: 4 May 2018, 10:15
Customers of our site always require us of releasing more Dofus Touch Guide for them even if they’ve bought tons of Cheap Dofus Touch Kamas and get decent weapons and armors. Many Dofus Touch gamers also play the PC version Dofus as a complementary of the mobile edition. Leveling up is the core issue for gamers to grind in the game for each time you will get several points for attributes and skills. PvP can be initialed in form of Single and Group so the classes combination for a team is important in Dofus Touch. Our Safe Dofus Touch Gold are farmed by our professional Dofus Touch Gold Farming Studio we have the most reliable Kamas import resources and never out of stock.

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