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15 August 2020, 17:07
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1  General / General IRC questions / Re: how to register on: 10 July 2015, 11:10
Which network are you using? Some have nickserv, one has Q and some have nothing.

pure IRC  has no registration. YOu just connect any may use every nickname that is free.
QuakeNet has Q.
Many/Most have now Chanserv and Nickserv to register channels and nicknames.

Just have a look at the website of your network.
2  KVIrc discussion / Configuration problems / Re: No more popups on username mentions? on: 10 September 2014, 16:03
do you mean the notifier? /notifier.message testmessage should open it
3  KVIrc discussion / KVIrc scripting / Re: Possible to rejoin ALL open channels? on: 2 August 2014, 13:50
Hi Coldblackice,

you could just right click the channel and activate autojoin. I am not sure if automatic setup is what a user wants.

The rejoin problem if autorejoin does not work could be solved with

foreach(%chan,$window.list(channel)) { hop %chan; }
4  KVIrc discussion / Configuration problems / Re: File transfer configuration not working. on: 7 July 2014, 02:04
I think you have a winshare. Did you mount that winshare, so that it has an own character like "Z:/"?

It should be something like "Connect netdrive". In German it would be "Netzwerklaufwerk verbinden"
5  KVIrc discussion / Feature requests / Re: Minimize for network/channel frame on: 17 December 2013, 03:17
is that only a optical feature request? The function itself is there, the little minus next to the network will collapse the items from the network.
6  KVIrc discussion / Feature requests / Re: Bug? Feature? on: 16 December 2013, 15:12
To be honest: I have no clue what you are talking about
7  KVIrc discussion / KVIrc scripting / Re: onChannelmessage script on: 29 November 2013, 01:54
if ($target == "#mysupercoolchan") {
8  KVIrc discussion / Configuration problems / Re: How do you use the fish encryption module? on: 18 November 2013, 03:24
The Fish/DH1080 Module is relativly new. Just do

/fish.keyx <username>

and your query with that person will be encrypted with the new fish, the keyexchange will be done with DH1080
9  KVIrc discussion / Configuration problems / Re: how to make tray icon flash on private msgs only? on: 30 September 2013, 13:02
I think the options you search are unter IRC -> Tools -> Alert/Highlight or Interface -> Tray Icon
10  General / General IRC questions / Re: how do i get rid of console window on: 2 September 2013, 13:02
rightlick the console in the windowlist and dock it or type /window.dock in it
11  KVIrc discussion / KVIrc scripting / Re: nick/IP tracker on: 15 July 2013, 10:59
   echo Begin %nick ------------------------------------------
     echo End $nick --------------------------------------------

$ calls functions, % are vars.
12  KVIrc discussion / KVIrc scripting / Re: nick/IP tracker on: 14 July 2013, 14:02
/help -m $config.open

the example should show you everything you need
13  KVIrc discussion / KVIrc scripting / Re: Nick Indent/Text Alignment on: 17 April 2013, 01:25
there is theme options -> Text -> Pre/Postfix , but I couldn't find a way to get it to a vertical line
14  KVIrc discussion / Talking about bugs / Re: BUG: An event it is executed several times on: 14 April 2013, 13:57
How many Event-Handler do you have? Scripting -> Events -> ...
15  KVIrc discussion / KVIrc scripting / Re: Add an item to the channel popup menu on: 7 April 2013, 16:48
an IRC server has a menu?
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