Creates and opens a new window
Creates a new window, opens it and returns its window identifier. <flags> may be any combination of the following flag characters:
i: Causes the window to have an input field in that the user can type commands or text. The text typed is reported by the ontextinput event.
m: Creates a window that is initially minimized.
q: Don't print warning messages during the creation.
If <caption> is given then the new window will have it as the initial plain text <caption>. You can change the caption later by calling window.setcaption.
If <irc_context> is given then the new window is bound to the specified irc context and will be destroyed when the attacched console closes. If <irc_context> is omitted or is 0 then the window will be context free (not bound to any context) and will exist until it is closed by the GUI, by a window.close call or until KVIrc terminates. When <irc_context> is given but is not valid then a warning is printed (unless the q flag is used) and the created window is context free.
You will generally use the $context function to retrieve the current IRC context id.

<icon> is intepreted as the index of the internal icon to be used for the window. If <icon> is omitted then a default icon is used.
Syntax Specification

    %w = $window.open()
    window.close %w
    %w = $window.open("m","My funky window")
    window.close %w
    %w = $window.open("im","My funky window 2",$context,10)

See also

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