Returns the username of the specified user
Returns the username of the specified IRC user IF it is known.
The username is known if $iswellknown returns 1.
The username is generally known if the user is on a channel with you or has an open query with you.
Detailed explaination:
KVIrc has an internal database of users that are currently visible by *this client*: this includes users on open channels and queries.
The other IRC users are NOT in the database: this means that KVIrc knows NOTHING about them and can't return any information immediately. In this case this function will return an EMPTY string.
If a user is in the database, at least his nickname is known.
The username and hostname are known only if the server provides that information spontaneously or after a KVIrc request.
KVIrc requests user information for all the users in open queries and channels. This information takes some time to be retrieved, in this interval of time KVIrc knows only the user's nickname. This function will return the string "*" in this case.
Syntax Specification
<string> $username(<nickname:string>)
See also
$iswellknown, [$fnc]$hostname[/fnc], awhois

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