Translates an english string to the current language
This function searches for the translation of <default_language_string> in the specified translation <catalogue> or in the main KVIrc translation file if <catalogue> is omitted.
If no translation is found then <english_string> is returned.
<default_language_string> is a string in your script default language (which should probably be english since it is the most common language spoken by the translators...).
If the <catalogue> is not loaded yet, KVIrc will attempt to load it, but only the first time that the catalogue is accessed (i.e. a load failure will cause the catalogue to be ignored completly until trunload is explicitly used.
KVIrc will search the catalogue only in $file.localdir/locale/ and in $file.globaldir/locale/. If your catalogues are in some other place then you must load them explicitly by the means of trload. For more informations see the documentation about script localization.
Syntax Specification
<string> $tr(<default_language_string:string>[,<catalogue:string>])

    echo $tr("Hello World!")

See also
trload, trunload

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