Allows to call functions of a plugin
$system.call(<plugin>, <function>[,<parameters>,...])
This function allows you to call simple functions of "easyplugins" (dll/so) and get the result of this function. The easyplugins have to be coded in a special way. If you want to write your own easyplugins, have a look on the easyplugins documentation.

The function needs a minimum of 2 parameters. The others are optional and not limited.
The first one is the complete name like "example.dll" or "example.so" If you have a relative path or only the filename KVIrc looks for the easyplugins in the following dirs:
In a subdir called "easyplugins" in the local and global KVIrc directory. If you give an absolute path KVIrc will load it directly.

You are free to add more parameters, they will be given to the easyplugin.
The easyplugin decides how much parameters you need in addition to the first 2.

Warning: Only use easyplugins of known and trustable sources!
Syntax Specification
<string> $system.call(<plugin:string>, <function:string>[,<parameters:string>,...])

    echo $system.call("my.dll","myfunction")
    echo $system.call("my.dll","myfunction","parameter1","parameter2")
    echo $system.call("c:/my.dll","myfunction")
    echo $system.call("my.so","myfunction","parameter1")

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