Matches a fixed string against a wildcard expression (case insensitive)
Returns 1 if the fixed <string> matches the <expression>, 0 otherwise.
If <flags> contains the flag 'r' then <expression> is treated as a full regular expression otherwise it is treated as a simple wildcard expression containing the classic wildcards '*' and '?'.
If <flags> contains the flag 'e' then only an exact match is considered (e.g. the full <string> is exactly matched by <expression>), otherwise partial matches are allowed too (e.g. <expression> is found inside <string>).
The match is case insensitive.
Syntax Specification
<bool> $str.matchnocase(<expression>,<string:string>[,<flags:string>])

    %test = "Hello! My nickname is Pragma"
    if($str.match(pragma*,%test))echo "Matches pragma*"
    if($str.match(*pragma,%test))echo "Matches *pragma"
    if($str.match(H*y*i?k*a,%test))echo "Matches H*y*i?k*a"
    if($str.match(H*y*i?K*a,%test))echo "Matches H*y*i?K*a"
    if($str.match(G*if?sx,%test))echo "Matches G*if?sx"

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