Returns the registration masks for a db entry
Returns the <N>th registration mask for the registered user database record identified by <name>. If <N> is not given , returns an array of registration masks for that entry.
If <name> does not identify a valid entry an empty string is returned; if <N> is out of range (or there are no masks at all) , an empty string is returned.
<N> is a ZERO BASED index.
Syntax Specification

    reguser.add Pragma
    reguser.addmask Pragma Pragma!*@*.it
    echo $reguser.mask(Pragma,0)

See also
registered users database interface, registered users database, [cmd]reguser.add[cmd], reguser.remove, reguser.addmask, reguser.delmask, $reguser.list, $reguser.match, $reguser.matchproperty

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