Returns a formatted link buffer
Returns a link formatted for the echo command.
If you pass the returned string to the echo command, the string will be displayed as a link and will be highlighted when the user moves the mouse over it.
If the user will leave the mouse for a few seconds over the link, the <tooltip_text> will be displayed in a small tooltip window. If <tooltip_text> is not given, then no tooltip will be shown.
The <double_click_command> will be executed when the user will double click on the link.
Please remember that if <double_click_command> contains identifiers that must be evaluated at double-click time, you MUST escape them in the $fmtlink() call to prevent the evaluation.
You might also take a look at the escape sequences documentation to learn more about how the links are implemented and how to create more powerful links (add right and middle button actions, use predefined kvirc links etc...)
Syntax Specification
<string> $fmtlink(<link_text:string>,<double_click_command:string>[,<tooltip_text:string>])
See also
the escape sequences documentation

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