Retrieves the ID of the specified IRC context
Returns the IRC context ID of the IRC context that uses the specified <server> and local user's <nickname>.
This function can find only connected IRC contexts. If no context matches the server and nickname, and invalid IRC context ID is returned (0).
If <server> is an empty string, the first context that matches the specified nickname is returned. If <nickname> is an empty string the first context that uses the specified server is returned. If both parameters are missing this function returns the id of the current IRC context, or '0' if the window in that this call is executed is not bound to any IRC context. Please note that in this last case you may find an IRC context that is 'not connected'. This can only happen if the current window is a console that is in "idle" state, with no connection established yet.
It is a good idea to take a look at the window naming conventions. This identifier is equivalent to $ic.
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