Returns an array of channel user nicknames
Returns an array of nicknames on the channel specified by [window_id].
If [window_id] is empty, the current window is used.
If the window designated by [window_id] is not a channel a warning is printed and an empty array is returned.
If [mask] is given, each user is added to the array only if it matches the [mask].
[flags] may contain a subset of the letters "aovhnmi":
"ovhn" are mode flags: the users are added to the array only if they are channel administrators ('a'), operators ('o'), voiced users ('v'), half-operators ('h'), user-operators ('u') or unflagged ('n') users. (Unflagged means not operators, not voiced and not half-operators). If none of the "ovhun" flags are used, KVIrc behaves like all five were passed.
The flag 'm' causes the entire user masks to be added to the array entries, as known by KVIrc at the moment of this function call.
The flag 'i' causes KVIrc to invert the match and add only the users that do NOT match [mask].
Please note that on really large channels this function may be time consuming (especially if [mask] is used): use with care.
Syntax Specification
<array> $chan.users([window_id:string],[mask:string],[flags:string])

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