Returns the channel user-mode level
Returns an integer identifying the specified user's channel mode on the channel specified by <window_id>.
If <window_id> is not passed, the current window is used.
If the specified window is not a channel, a warning is printed and '0' is returned.
This number can be useful to implement comparison functions between users in order to determine the actions they can issue between each other.
For example it is granted that an op will have userModeLevel greater than a voiced user or that a simple "modeless" user will have an userModeLevel lower than a halfop.
IRC allows multiple modes to be applied to a single user on a channel, in that case this function will return the level of the highest mode applied to the user.
Note: Don't rely on this number being any particular exact value except for the completely modeless users (in which case this function will return always '0').
Syntax Specification
<integer> $chan.userModeLevel(<nickname:string>[,<window_id:string>])

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