A new query window is going to be opened because a remote message has been received
$0 = source nickname
$1 = source username
$2 = source host
$3 = message
console window
Triggered when a PRIVMSG or NOTICE has been received from a remote user and a query for that user doesn't exist yet. KVIrc has already checked its internal conditions and you have the last word on the query creation. If you call halt in this event you will prevent the creation of the query window, in all other cases the window will be created. This is useful for filtering out spam messages that popup unwanted windows in front of the user. You have also the option of creating the query window yourself (by calling query). This may be useful if you want to create the query windows in a particular state (minimized, positioned in some special place or maybe undocked if some conditions are verified). The next event you will catch related to this query window will be onquerywindowcreated and onquerytargetadded. After that you will get onquerymessage with exactly the parameters passed to this event.

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