A message has been received from a query
$0 = source nick
$1 = source username
$2 = source host
$3 = message
Query or console window.
Triggered when a query message is received.
If you return $false in this event, the message output will be stopped.
This event is triggered in the query window associated to the source nick, or in the IRC context console window if the query window has not been created for some reason. Note that you can't stop the query window creation with this event: you must use onquerywindowrequest for that purpose. Note also that you may not receive this event if the anti-spam option is in use and KVIrc has detected that this might be a spam message. This is usually not an issue but if you care about it then write to pragma at kvirc dot net asking to add a OnSpam event.
See also
onquerywindowrequest onquerywindowcreated onquerytargetadded onchannelmessage ondccchatmessage

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