A channel or query message is going to be highlighted
$0 = talker nick
$1 = target username
$2 = target hostname
$3 = message
$4 = highlight word
$5 = message type
$6 = is action
Channel or query window
A channel or query message is going to be highlighted.
The message may be either a PRIVMSG, a NOTICE or a CTCP ACTION.
The highlight may be either caused by a "highlight word" or by your own nickname (if that option was specified).
$5 contains the original color/icon set of the message that depends on the type of the message itself.
Since the CTCP ACTION messages generally have different format of output then for your convenience $6 contains 1 if the message was caused by a CTCP ACTION and 0 otherwise.
If you call halt in this event the message output will be completely disabled (thus, KVIrc assumes that YOU have provided the necessary output and feedback to the user).
A common error here is to call halt and re-echo the unmodified output; this can cause another OnHighlight event to be triggered and create an infinite loop!. echoprivmsg -n is the command you probably want.

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