Someone issued a CTCP ACTION
$0 = source nick
$1 = source username
$2 = source host
$3 = message target
$4 = action message text
Channels and query windows
This event is triggered when a remote user issues a CTCP ACTION.
(The CTCP ACTION is usually triggered by the /me command).
The parameters $0-$2 identify the source user.
$3 identifies the message target and can be one of the following:
- The local user nickname : this is a private CTCP ACTION and is triggered inside a query window.
- A channel name : this is a channel CTCP ACTION and is triggered in the channel window.
- Any other string : this is either a broadcast CTCP ACTION (sent by a privileged user     to a subset of clients) or a sign of the server brain damage :D In this     case the event is triggered in the console window.
Calling halt in this event stops the message output.

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