Sharing files with KVIrc

Automatically sharing your files with other IRC users
What is this ?
The "file offers" are a simple way to share your files with other IRC users.
Basically , you setup an offer by selecting a local file, choosing a "visible name" for it. Remote users will be able to request you the file and download it automatically by issuing a simple DCC GET request.
Each offer refers to an existing file on one of your locally mounted file systems. The offer is given a visible name that the remote users will effectively request. To share the file /usr/arch/mp3/SonataArctica_SingInSilence_Live.mp3 you will add a file offer with /usr/arch/mp3/SonataArctica_SingInSilence_Live.mp3 as real file path , something like "SonataArctica_SingInSilence.mp3". A remote user will then request you a DCC GET SonataArctica_SingInSilence.mp3 and KVIrc will automatically send the file.
Each file offer has an "user mask" that the requesting remote users must match to obtain the file: *!*@* matches any user, Pragma!*@* matches any user with nickname pragma, *!*@* matches any user coming from the domain.
Each offer can have an expire time: the offer will be automatically removed after a defined number of seconds. An expire time of '0' seconds means that the offer should never expire.
If you have two file offers with the same name and different file, the remote user can use an additional "size" parameter in the DCC GET request.
Security issues
This is a nice but unsecure method of sharing files.
The user mask is a good protection but you have to use it properly!.
Setting the user mask to Nick!*@* can be easily exploited (just by making an user disconnect in one of the well known ways and then by using his nickname).
On the other side, the remote end must know exactly the visible name of the offer to request and noone but you will tell him that name.
In sum:
Don't share any really important files: this *might* be like putting it on your webpage :D
Please don't send complains if someone stoles your /etc/passwd : it is because you have permitted that.

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