RFC2821 Wrappers

Wrappers for rfc2821 commands
Some less used KVIrc commands are implemented as simple wrappers around the standard rfc2821 commands.
For example, the /OPER command will be used only by server operators and probably only once per connection.
These commands should only be needed by experienced IRC users. Due to this fact, these commands have no special kind of parsing performed by KVIrc; the parameters are extracted, the identifiers are parsed normally and are sent to the server without any semantic check.
This means that while OPER requires two parameters, KVIrc will not complain if you send a single parameter only or use ten parameters.
The exact parameter syntax/semantic checking is left to you.
This also means that if some of these commands accept parameters with spaces, it is left to you to add the leading ':' before the last parameter.
You should refer to rfc2812 if any of these commands do not work properly for you.

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