Authentication with NickServ

Automatic authentication with NickServ
KVIrc supports automatic authentication with the NickServ service.
This service is commonly implemented on major IRC networks: basically it is a program that allows users to register their nickname and protect it from being stolen by others.
The NickServ protocol is not standardized (at the time that I'm writing this doc) and automatic authentication is a pure experimental protocol.
Once you get on IRC with a registered nickname , the NickServ will ask you for identification by sending you a NOTICE.
The message will look in a way similar to the following:
<b>You're using a registered nickname: if this is your nick, please type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password, otherwise please choose another nickname</b>.
The message is often broken in two or three lines of text.
Please note that many network policies suggest to avoid automatic authentication with NickServ.
I have implemented it because I know that it works on the networks that I'm usually on.
You have to check that this protocol works on your network and then eventually use it at your own risk.

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