The image identifier

Semantics of the <image_id> parameter
Some KVIrc commands and functions accept the <image_id> as a parameter. The <image_id> indicates an image to be displayed by some gui element. Since KVIrc has a set of builtin icons, we want the user to be able to use it :).
The <image_id> can be either a signed integer number or a filename.
If it is a signed integer it is interpreted as index of the internal KVIrc image to use: positive integers (starting at 0) indicate small (16x16) icons (the ones used in the view widget).
If <image_id> is anything else than a signed integer, it is interpreted as a filename. The filename can be an absolute file path or a relative one. In this last case KVIrc will look for the file in a predefined set of directories: First in the local "pics" directory (usually in ~/kvirc-version/pics/), then in the local "incoming" directory, then in the global "pics" directory , then in the user home (~) and in the current directory.

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