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about.kvirc Shows the "about kvirc" dialog
action.create Defines a new action
action.destroy Destroy an action
action.disable Disables an action
action.enable Enables an action
action.list Lists the available actions
action.trigger Triggers an action Shows the action editor
addon.configure Executes a addon's configuration callback
addon.dialog Shows the addon addon management editor Executes a addon's help callback
addon.list Lists the installed addons
addon.register Registers a script-based addon
addon.setconfigurecallback Sets a addon's configuration callback
addon.sethelpcallback Sets a addon's configuration callback
addon.uninstall Uninstalls an addon
admin Requests the admin info from a server
alias Adds a new alias or modifies an existing one Shows the alias editor
avatar.notify Notifies the current avatar to a remote target
avatar.query Queries the avatar of a remote target
avatar.set Sets the local user's avatar
avatar.unset Unsets the local user's avatar
away Puts you into 'away' state
awhois Asynchronous WHOIS
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