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checkbox class Check box with a text description
combobox class Combined button and popup list
dialog class A toplevel dialog object
dockwindow class A window dockable to the KVIrc main frame
file class I/O device that operates on files
groupbox class Provides a groupbox bar.
hbox class Manages child widget horizontal geometry
label class Displays text or an image
lcdnumber class The lcdNumber widget displays a number with LCD-like digits.
lineedit class Simple line editor for inputting short text
list class Abstracts a double linked list of strings
listbox class A widget displaying a list of items
listview class A listview class
listviewitem class A listviewitem class
mainwindow class Provides a mainwindow.
menubar class A menu bar object implementation
multilineedit class An editor for inputting larger portions of text
object class Base class for all the KVIrc objects
painter class This class provide a painter to paint line and shapes.
popupmenu class Provides a popup menu.
process class A class to manage process.
progressbar class Provides a horizontal progress bar.
radiobutton class A radiobutton class
slider class The slider widget provides a vertical or horizontal slider.
spinbox class Provides a simple spin button.
tabwidget class Provides a Tab Widget.
textbrowser class Provides a class that can display html pages.
toolbar class Provides a toolbar for mainwindow widget.
toolbutton class Provides a toolbutton for toolbar widget.
urllabel class Displays an URI allowing to perform actions on click
vbox class Manages child widget vertical geometry
window class A MDI window object
wizard class The wizard class provides a framework for wizard dialogs.
workspace class Provides a MDI workspace object
wrapper class Provides a wrapper class that hooks to an existing Qt graphic object modifying it.
xmlreader class A simple xml document parser
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