Anti-spam protection

KVIrc contains a small spam detector, and can help you in avoiding that annoying flood of queries popping up when you join large channels full of lamers.
The spam detector works in a rather simple way: when someone sends you a private message containing one or more "special words", and that user has no open query window, so the message is treated as spam and is redirected to the console window or is ignored completely (if you enable that option).
The spam words to check for, can be set by the means of option stringlistSpamWords.
The anti-spam engine can be enabled by setting option boolUseAntiSpamOnPrivmsg and option boolUseAntiSpamOnNotice to 1.

    # This will cause "new-query private messages" containing
    # words "http:","#" (channel name),"ftp:".... to be redirected to the console
    option stringlistSpamWords http:,#,ftp:,sex,free,chat,join
    option boolUseAntiSpamOnPrivmsg 1
    # This will cause these messages to be completely ignored
    option boolSilentAntiSpam 1

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