Sets the caption of an user window
window.setCaption [-q] <window_id> <plain_text_caption> [html_inactive_caption] [html_active_caption]
Sets the caption of the user window specified by <window_id> to <plain_text_caption>.
If <window_id> is an empty string then the current window is assumed.
The window must be of type userwnd and must have been created by $ it is not possible to change the caption of other window types.
If the window is not of the expected type then a warning is printed unless the -q switch is used.
If [html_inactive_caption] and/or [html_active_caption] are given then the html versions of the captions displayed in the window caption bars are set too. If one of these parameters is missing then <plain_text_caption> is used for the html versions too. The html captions can contain limited html code. In particular you're allowed to use the <nobr>,<font>,<b> and <i> html tags. It is better to avoid using colored fonts since you can't know which color scheme the user will have set.
If the specified window does not exist a warning is printed unless the -q switch is used.
-q | --quiet
Be quiet
Syntax Specification
window.setCaption [-q] <window_id> <plain_text_caption> [html_inactive_caption] [html_active_caption]

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