Unsets ban masks for the channel
unban <mask_list>
Removes the ban masks specified in the <mask_list>, which is a comma separated list of nicknames. This command works only if executed in a channel window. The command is translated to a set of MODE messages containing a variable number of -b flags. This command is connection dependant.
Syntax Specification
unban <mask_list>

# Unban people on the current channel (say #kvirc)
unban Maxim,Gizmo!*@*,*!root@*
# Do the same but from another window belongin to this IRC context
unban -r=$channel(#kvirc) Maxim,Gizmo!*@*,*!root@*
# Do the same from any window
unban -r=$channel(#kvirc,$context(irc.myirc.net,Pragma)) Maxim,Gizmo!*@*,*!root*@*

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