Loads a translation catalogue
trload [-v] <catalogue> [<catalogue_dir>]
Loads the specified translation <catalogue> in the current user language.
The translation catalogues are *.mo files compiled with the standard msgfmt program from the gettext package.
The syntax of the catalogue names is:
KVIrc looks for the catalogues in <catalogue_dir> (if specified) and in the locale subdirectory of the global and local KVIrc directories.
<language> is choose automatically by KVIrc depending on the user's locale.
Catalogues MUST be in UTF8 encoding.
After a translation catalogue has been loaded you can access its strings by the means of $tr.
This function doesn't print any warning unless -v is specified.
Please note that KVIrc attempts to load the <catalogue> automatically when $tr() is used but it looks only in $file.localdir/locale/ and in $file.globaldir/locale/. This command is then useful to load catalogues that reside in different directories.
This feature is currently work in progress: the scripting engine is not yet fully unicode and thus some more exotic translations may still suffer...
-v | --verbose
Warn if a catalogue for the current language cannot be found
Syntax Specification
trload [-v] <catalogue:string> [<catalogue_dir:string>]
See also
$tr, trunload

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