Adds a mask to a registered user
reguser.addmask [-f] <name> <mask>
Adds a registration mask to the database entry with name <name>.
The <mask> has the common irc mask format.
The only restriction on the <mask> is that it must be unique inside the regusers database: you can't match two users with the same mask (it would have rather undefined results).
If -f is used , KVIrc ensures that the mask is unique in the database and associates is to THIS registered user (breaking the previous associations).<br> Once at least one mask has been added, the user can be "matched" by using the $reguser.match() function.
Each database entry can have an unlimited number of masks.
Syntax Specification
reguser.addmask [-f] <name> <mask>

    reguser.add "Szymon Stefanek"
    reguser.addmask "Szymon Stefanek" Pragma!*@*.it

See also
registered users database interface, registered users database, [cmd]reguser.add[cmd], reguser.remove, reguser.delmask, $reguser.list, $reguser.match, $reguser.exactmatch

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