Registers an user
reguser.add [-r] [-f] [-q] [-g=group] <name> [mask]
Adds a new entry with the specified <name> to the database.
If the database contains an entry with the same <name>, this command just prints a warning and returns.
If no [mask] is given the new entry has no registration masks: so it can't be "matched" yet. You have to add at least one mask with reguser.addmask. If [mask] is given, then it is added to the entry mask list.
The <name> parameter may contain any character: even spaces are allowed (obviously you have to use quotes in that case).
If the '-r' switch is given , the new entry replaces any previous one with the same <name> (the old entry is removed).
If the '-f' switch is given , and there is an existing entry with the same name , no warning is printed and the old entry is treated just like it has been just added (thus the [mask] is eventually added to its mask list).
The '-q' switch causes the command to run in "quiet" mode and print no warning.
Syntax Specification
reguser.add [-r] [-f] [-q] [-g=group] <name> [mask]

    reguser.add Pragma

See also
registered users database interface, registered users database, reguser.remove, reguser.addmask, $reguser.list

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