Registers a channel
regchan.add <channel> [;netmask]
Registers the <channel> with the specified [netmask]. [netmask] can be a full network name or a wildcard string tht will be matched against network names. For example, if you want to register #kvirc on IRCNet you can use regchan.add #kvirc IRCNet. If you want to handle #kvirc on all the IRC networks then you can use regchan.add #kvirc *
Obviously if you register both #kvirc/IRCNet and #kvirc/* then #kvirc/IRCNet will be looked first. If netmask is not passed a netmask of * is assumed.
Syntax Specification
regchan.add <channel:string> [netmask:string]

    regchan.add #kvirc openprojects

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