Leaves the specified channels
part [-k] [-q] [-s] [<channel list> [part message]]
Leaves the channels specified in the <channel list>. If no channels are specified, the current channel is used. This command is "server based"; you will see its results only after the server acknowledges it.
If the -k switch is specified then the channel windows are left open after the part (the channels become dead channels).
If the -s switch is specified then the part message is not shown in the channel window.
This command is connection dependant.
This command is equivalent to leave
-k | --keep
Keeps the channel windows open after the part.
-q | --quiet
Runs the command in quiet mode (no warnings printed)
-s | --silent
Does not show the part message in the channel window
Syntax Specification
part [-k] [-q] [-s] [<channel list> [part message]]

part #kvirc Byez!
part #linux-it,#xmms,#kde Time to sleep

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