Sets an internal option
option [<optName> <optValue>]
Sets an internal option named <optName> to the value <optValue>. The value must be appropriate for the type of option that you're going to set.
With no parameters this command lists all the available option names sorted by option type.
The possible option types are:
Boolean: <optValue> must be "1" or "0"
String: <optValue> can be any string
StringList: <optValue> must be a comma separated list of strings (eventually empty)
Color: <optValue> must have the format #RRGGBB where R G and B are hex digits
Font: <optValue> is a comma separated list of font properties:     <family>,<pointsize>,<style>,<charset>,<weight>,<flags>. <family> is the font face name     ("arial" , "helvetica" etc..), <pointsize> is more or less the indicator of the size of the font     (try sth like 12,14), <style> is an integer that indicates the font style (fixed for example),     <charset> is an integer that indicates the charset of the font (maybe one day I'll document it better),     <weight> indicates the (ehm) weight of the font (50,100,150...matches Bold,DemiBold etc..),     <flags> is a combination of 'b','i','u','s,' and 'f' that match respectively bold,italic     underline,strikeout and fixed.
MessageType: <optValue> is a comma separated list of message type properties:     <icon>,<foreground>,<background>,<logBoolean>,<level>: <icon> is the index of the internal     small icon that has to be shown with the message type, <foreground> is an integer     indicating the mirc color to be used for the message type text (0-15),     <background> is similar to foreground and accepts also the value of 100 that means transparent.     <logBoolean> is a boolean value (0/1) that indicates wheter this message type has to be logged or not.     <level> is the message level (actually from 0 to 5).
Rectangle: <optValue> is a comma separated list of integer values that indicate <x>,<y>,<width> and <height>.
Pixmap: <optValue> must be an ABSOLUTE path of the image that you want to load.
Int: <optValue> must be an integer.
Uint: <optValue> must be an UNSIGNED positive integer.
Almost all the options available in the option dialog can be set by this command.
Some GUI options might require a KVIrc restart to work properly (altough I've tried to avoid that when possible).
Syntax Specification
option [<optName:string> <optValue:string>]

    # List available options
    # Set the mdi mananger background image
    option pixmapMdiBackground /home/pragma/myback1.png
    # Set the frame caption text
    option stringFrameCaption KVIrc rulez!
    # Enable verbose mode
    option boolBeVerbose 1
    # Set the irc view font
    option fontIrcView helvetica,24,5,1,50

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