Opens an url
openurl <url>
Opens the specified <url> with an appropriate handler.<br> The handlers for the supported url types are specified in the options dialog.<br> Each handler is a kvirc commandline that the url will be passed to as the first parameter ($0).<br> The supported url types are:<br> HTTP: http://<url> or sth that begins with "www." <br> HTTPS: https://<url><br> FILE: file://<url><br> IRC: irc[s][6]://<server>[:<port>][/<channel>[?<pass>]] (Handled internally)<br> FTP: ftp://<url> or sth that begins with "ftp."<br> MAIL: mailto:<mailaddress><br>
Syntax Specification
openurl <url:string>

    openurl file://home/pragma/pippo.txt
    openurl irc://
    openurl irc6://
    openurl ircs://
    openurl ircs6://
    openurl mailto:users@domain.extension

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