changes user definable buttons
buttonctl [-q] <type> <name> <operation> [;parameter]
Changes an existing user defined button.
<type_unused> is ignored and present only for backward compatibility.
<name> is the name of the button.
<operation> may be one of the constant strings "enable", "disable", "image", "text".
Operations "enable" and "disable" do not require the fourth [parameter] and have the obvious meaning.
Operation "image" requires the [parameter] to be a valid image_id and sets the button image.
Operation "text" requires the [parameter] (and in fact all the following ones) to be a string containing the button text label.
The <operation> constants may be abbreviated, even to the single letters 'e','d','i' and 't'.
The -q switch causes the command to be quiet about errors and warnings.
-q | --quiet
Run quietly
Syntax Specification
buttonctl [-q] <type:string> <name:string> <operation:string> [parameter:string]
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