Asynchronous WHOIS
awhois [-i] (<nickname>[,<magic>])
    <callback command>
AWHOIS stands for Asynchronous WHOIS. It is used to obtain data for a specified irc user (designated by <nickname>). This command sends a WHOIS query to the server and silently awaits the sequence of replies. When the "End of WHOIS" message is received from server the <callback command> is executed passing the WHOIS information as positional parameters.
The <magic> string is an optional string to be evaluated at AWHOIS execution time. It is passed as the last positional parameter.
Callback command parameters:
$0 = nickname
$1 = username
$2 = hostname
$3 = realname (may be empty)
$4 = server
$5 = idle time (may be empty)
$6 = signon time (may be empty)
$7 = channels (may be empty)
$8 = server that provided the information
$9 = special information (may be empty)
$10 = magic string evaluated at awhois call (may be empty)
If the -i switch is specified , the whois message is sent to the server that the <nickname> user is connected to; in this way you will probably get the idle time of the user too.
If the server replies with a "No such nick/channel error message" the <callback command> will be still triggered , but will have all the parameters empty with the exception of $0.
If the connection gets interrupted before all the information have been received, the <callback command> will never be triggered.
This command is connection dependant.
-i | --idle-time
Ask the whois informations to the server that <nickname> is connected to, effectively returning the user's idle time.
Syntax Specification
awhois [-i] (<nickname:string>[,<magic:variant>])
    <callback command>

awhois(pragma){ echo $0-; }

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