Notifies the current avatar to a remote target
avatar.notify [-q] [-t=<timeout>] <target>
Notifies the current avatar to the remote <target> via CTCP AVATAR. See the avatar protocol documentation for the description of the protocol.
This has the effect to notify your avatar image to the <target>.
The CTCP is sent thru a NOTICE and the current avatar image is added to the public offer list for <timeout> seconds (or a default timeout if the -t switch is not used).
If the -q switch is specified, the command executes in quet mode and prints nothing in the current window.
If you don't have an avatar set, the ctcp will unset the previous avatar on the target side.
Warning: The implementation of the avatar protocol is actually restricted to KVIrc clients only. In the future other clients may implement it.
This command is connection dependant.
-q | --quiet
Do not print warnings
-t=<timeout> | --timeout=<integer>
Syntax Specification
avatar.notify [-q] [-t=<timeout:integer>] <target:string>

# Notify your current avatar to Pragma
avatar.notify Pragma
# Notify your avatar to the channel #kvirc and to Pragma
avatar #kvirc,Pragma

See also
avatar.set, avatar.unset

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