urllabel class

Displays an URI allowing to perform actions on click
object widget label
This widget allows you to bind specific action on click. It can open an url, or execute any KVI++ code. The text color reacts on cursor movements and clicks.
Sets the url to be opened when the links is activated. The way the label opens the url is defined in KVirc config dialog.
<string> $url()
Returns the currently set url.
Sets the action to be performed when the link is triggered. It can be any valid KVI++ code. Note that all KVirc commands must be prefixed with a '/', just as if you typed them in the input widget.
<string> $action()
Returns currently set action string.
Sets the label's text. Reimplemented from internal reasons.
Tells the label wheather to change or not the shape of cursor, when it is above the widget. Default is false.
<boolean> $cursorChange()
Returns true if the cursor changes over the label, false if not.
If <bEnabled> is true, the label will react on single clicks, otherwise only double clicks will trigger the link.
<boolean> $useSingleClick()
Returns true if the label reacts on single clicks, false if it reacts only on double clicks.

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