listviewitem class

A listviewitem class
The listviewitem class implements a list view item. A list view item is a multi-column object capable of displaying itself in a listview. To use this class you must instantiate it with another listviewitem or a listview as parent. The item will be automatically displayed. You can set the text and a pixmap in each column and you can make it checkable with $setcheckable(). A checkable listviewitem will display a small check mark in the first column.
Sets the text in column column to text, if column is a valid column number and text is different from the existing text.
<string> $text(<column:integer>)
Returs the text of the specified column.
$setPixmap(<column:integer>,<pixmap:hobject or imageID>)
Sets the pixmap in column column to pm, if pm is non-null and different from the current pixmap, and if column is non-negative. Pixmap can be a Kvirc imageid, an image file or a pixmap object.
If b is TRUE (1), this item can be in-place renamed in the column col by the user; otherwise it cannot be renamed in-place.
Enables or disables the item
Returns $true if this item is enabled and $false otherwise
Opens or closes the item to show its children items
Returns the open state of this item
Makes this item checkable or not. This function should be called immediately after the item creation: changing this property later at runtime may have strange results (like the item being moved inside the list, text disappearing, hidden children etc... don't do it :D ).
Returns $true if this item is checkable and $false otherwise
Sets this item to be checked or not. $setcheckable() must have been previously called.
Returns the check status of this item. $setcheckable() must have been previously called.
<listviewitem> $firstChild()
Returns the first child item of this listviewitem or $null if this item has no children.
<listviewitem> $nextSibling()
Returns the next sibling item of this listviewitem or $null if there are no sibling items. Next sibling stands for the item at the same tree level coming just after :)

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